10 Tips and Tricks for Managing PeopleSoft Personalizations

Published On: June 1st, 20235.8 min read

O racle's streamlines business processes, improves data management, enhances reporting, and increases operational effectiveness to give users unprecedented levels of Personalizations.

The platform is even more capable as an ERP solution when you personalize PeopleSoft to perform in ways that are unique to your industry, business, or department.

PeopleSoft has long been a benchmark against which other ERP systems measure success, and that's why it continues to be a reliable ERP powerhouse today. An optimized, efficient is made possible for most companies with help from a qualified PeopleSoft partner.

The experts at ERPA understand that every business is different. For decades we have delivered perfectly optimized PeopleSoft ecosystems. It's what makes us a leader in post-go-live integration.

Below, we provide ten actionable PeopleSoft personalization tips as well as insights into how PeopleSoft can benefit your business. You can work with a more complete, comprehensive platform starting today.

The Difference Between PeopleSoft Personalizations and Customization

It's important to clarify that PeopleSoft Personalizations and PeopleSoft customization describe different levels of modifications that users can make to the system.

PeopleSoft Personalizations refers to changes made to the user interface and settings of the application by users to suit personal, organizational, or departmental preferences. For example, a user may choose to add a frequently-used button to their homepage, change the font size or color scheme, or adjust notification settings.

Customization refers to changes made to the application's functionality that affect all users of the system. Customization typically requires administrative access and modifies the application's code or configuration settings to add new features or modify existing ones.

At ERPA, we're focused on PeopleSoft Personalizations that can improve day-to-day processes for you as a single user, your department, or your entire organization.

The Benefits of Implementing PeopleSoft Personalizations

Organizations can make sure that employees have access to the features, functions, and applications that are most important to their job responsibilities with a personalized .

Personalizations also guarantee that PeopleSoft aligns with your organization's unique business processes, which reduces the need for manual workarounds.

Here are ten PeopleSoft Personalizations tips you can use today to optimize your PeopleSoft platform:

1. Understand Your Business Processes

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your business processes before you start an involved PeopleSoft personalization project. This will help you identify areas that need improvement so you can determine the best way to personalize the system to meet your business needs.

2. Define Your Personalization Goals

Clearly define your personalization goals and objectives. This helps you stay focused so you avoid unnecessary personalization that may be costly and cause problems in the future.

3. Prioritize Your Personalizations

Prioritize your PeopleSoft personalizations based on their impact on your business processes as well as the resources required to implement them. This lets you dedicate resources to the most important changes first.

4. Test Your Personalization Changes

Test your PeopleSoft Personalizations thoroughly before you deploy them in a production environment. This gives you time to fix any issues before they cause trouble for your users.

5. Plan for Compatibility

Make sure that your personalization changes are compatible with future releases of PeopleSoft so you don't have to redo them every time you upgrade your system.

6. Consider Security Implications

Consider the security implications of your PeopleSoft personalizations to be sure they don't compromise the security of your overall system or the integrity of your data.

7. Involve Users

Involve your users (employees, department heads, etc.) in the personalization process to guarantee that optimizations meet their needs and are easy to use.

8. Branding

PeopleSoft lets users personalize the branding of their system. This includes logos, colors, fonts, and backgrounds that create a consistent, professional aesthetic within your brand standards.

9. Security

PeopleSoft's security features allow users to personalize access to their system to make sure employees have access only to the information and tasks that are relevant to their individual responsibilities. Users can personalize (and further customize) security roles, permissions, and access controls to meet their specific security needs.

10. Partner with an Expert

Partner with a PeopleSoft expert like ERPA to help with your personalization. This will reduce costs, save time, and optimize your PeopleSoft ecosystem. This ensures that your personalizations are effective and efficient.

Why Implement PeopleSoft Personalizations?

PeopleSoft provides several benefits for organizations that include increased efficiency, improved data management, and better alignment with business processes. PeopleSoft Personalizations includes their extensive suite of applications that allows organizations to streamline (and in some cases automate) essential business processes.

This can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve decision-making capabilities. Smart business leaders use PeopleSoft to achieve business objectives in a more effective, efficient manner. The result is improved performance across the organization.

Businesses, industries, and departments that benefit from an optimized PeopleSoft platform include:

PeopleSoft optimization through personalizations isn't rocket science, but it does require some effort. A fine-tuned, highly-optimized PeopleSoft ecosystem can provide countless benefits for organizations such as:

Better Business Processes

PeopleSoft Personalizations allows organizations to tailor the software to specific business needs. This leads to improved business processes, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.

Enhanced User Experience

PeopleSoft Personalizations helps organizations create a more intuitive, user-friendly interface for employees, which results in improved user adoption and satisfaction with the system.

Increased Flexibility

PeopleSoft Personalizations helps organizations adapt to changes in business environments such as new regulations, shifting market conditions, and industry trends.

Improved Reporting and Analytics

PeopleSoft Personalizations can help organizations create unique reports and optimized analytics dashboards that provide better insights into business operations.

Competitive Advantage

PeopleSoft Personalizations gives organizations an optimized competitive advantage. This lets businesses differentiate themselves from competitors and provide better service to customers.

An optimized, personalized PeopleSoft ecosystem gives organizations efficient, effective tools to achieve business goals. This improves performance, increases competitiveness, and allows for greater profitability.

Tools to Consider for Better PeopleSoft Personalizations

PeopleSoft provides a powerful set of tools, features, and applications that personalize the software to meet specific organizational needs.

Useful PeopleSoft Personalizations features, applications, and tools include but are not limited to:

  • Fluid User Interface (UI)
  • WorkCenters
  • Workflow
  • Kibana analytics
  • PeopleTools
  • PeopleSoft Selective Adoption
  • Application Designer
  • PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)
  • Integration Broker
  • Query Manager

There is no one-size-fits-all PeopleSoft optimization solution. PeopleSoft Personalizations make it easy for your business and a professional like ERPA to optimize your environment in ways that work for you.

Trust ERPA for Expert PeopleSoft Personalizations

You can improve operational efficiency, process effectiveness, and employee engagement with PeopleSoft when you personalize the platform for maximum optimization. The above-listed tips are only a jumping-off point. It's smart to find a reliable ERP partner like ERPA to realize the full potential of what PeopleSoft personalization can do. Visit our dedicated ERPA contact page and submit a request for more information or call us directly at (614) 718-9222.

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