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Published On: May 23rd, 20235.6 min read

Kibana for is just one of many complementary components that helps reduce application complexity, streamline important analytics processes, and maximize performance. Kibana continues to be a reliable answer for businesses that need to modernize their PeopleSoft implementation without incurring any additional costs.

PeopleSoft Managed Services providers like ERPA enhance PeopleSoft performance through targeted support solutions that prioritize your company needs and is just one way to make the most of your existing system.

Our PeopleSoft experts have decades of experience helping our partners optimize the analytics platform to improve PeopleSoft's already-impressive suite of applications but some PeopleSoft customers may think that their system is ageing and must be replaced. We're happy to advise that you the full potential of your PeopleSoft environment is still within reach. With a integration, you will untap new levels of insights.

Still on the fence about introducing Kibana to your ? Read on for an overview of what the analytics platform does and how it can improve PeopleSoft for your business.

PeopleSoft Kibana Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

Data is everywhere so data management, analytics, and reporting must be priorities for businesses big and small. Data management veterans turn to Kibana Analytics for PeopleSoft to enhance their clients' already-capable ERP solution though there are plenty of platforms to choose from. The global Big market was valued at over $240 billion in 2021, and according to data collected by Statista, the market will more than double by 2029.

Don't let your Big Data become just another bunch of numbers. It's time to unleash the power of a reliable analytics platform.

Kibana for PeopleSoft Explained

Kibana was developed in 2013 as part of the Elastic Stack suite of applications and is a free and open front-end application that provides search and data visualization capabilities. Kibana also provides a user interface through which businesses can monitor, manage, and secure their data cluster(s).

Kibana provides valuable insights into your data so you can make more informed decisions. This is why it's such an invaluable addition to your .

Kibana for PeopleSoft improves the way you gather, manage, and analyze your data. This helps you identify potential problems before they become problems – because the right analytics dashboard(s) will reduce downtime and save you money.

Kibana improves your overall analytics management process with:

Real-Time Insights

Kibana provides real-time analytics, which allow you to identify trends and patterns in your data. This is useful for PeopleSoft users who need to make quick decisions based on timely information.

Data Visualization

Kibana lets users create interactive and dynamic data visualizations like charts, graphs, and maps. These help users understand their PeopleSoft data better.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Kibana has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate, even for non-technical users. This means that PeopleSoft users who are not familiar with data analytics can still use the platform to analyze their data.

Customizable Dashboards

Kibana lets you create customizable dashboards that can be tailored to your specific needs. This means that you can design dashboards that display the most relevant information for your PeopleSoft data.

Integration with Elasticsearch

Kibana is designed to work with Elasticsearch, which is an open-source search-and-analytics engine. This means that you can use Kibana to analyze data from PeopleSoft and other sources that are indexed in Elasticsearch.

A Kibana analytics integration with your PeopleSoft environment delivers on-demand analytics visualization, management, and process control. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that handle large data sets, need real-time insights, and prioritize performance.

How to Use Kibana Analytics

There are plenty of data analytics options on the market, but smart business leaders choose Kibana when they want to enhance their PeopleSoft platform.

Why? Because Kibana for PeopleSoft provides an ideal environment for:

  • Logging and log analytics;
  • Infrastructure metrics and container monitoring;
  • Application performance monitoring (APM);
  • Geospatial data analysis and visualization;
  • Security analytics;
  • Business analytics;
  • And more.

ERPA understands what works within the PeopleSoft ecosystem and what doesn't, which is why we're so confident that Kibana Analytics will improve the way you manage your data.

PeopleSoft Kibana Analytics Delivered through Oracle

The ERP experts at ERPA understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to data management—because every business has different access to resources, goals, and processes. That's why we work with our partners to deliver tailored solutions that answer industry- and department-specific needs.

Use Kibana for PeopleSoft to enhance:

Not sure Kibana is the right analytics option for your business? Don't worry. It's only one of the many capable tools in your PeopleSoft toolbox.

Oracle's Product Management Director, Matthew Haavisto, highlighted in a 2020 article that Kibana is one of many complementary analytics options for the PeopleSoft platform. The benefits listed above make Kibana a comprehensive analytics solution, but smart business leaders understand that there is no blanket answer to all of your company's data challenges.

This is especially true when it comes to comprehensive data analytics management.

Haavisto provided a broad overview of what makes Kibana a sought-after solution. These include:

  • A large visualization library;
  • The ability to track object changes over time;
  • Large data volume processing;
  • High performance and speed;
  • And more.

He went on to explain that some processes may not require analytics management as comprehensive as what's provided by Kibana, and in some scenarios, Pivot Grids or Simplified Analytics would suffice.

“Generally speaking, when large volumes of data are involved, and performance is a key consideration, Kibana is a good choice,” says Haavisto. “There is no hard rule, however. In some cases, you could choose either Kibana or Simplified Analytics/Pivot Grids, and either choice will be fine.”

What Haavisto didn't explain is that it's the choice that leaves many business leaders so overwhelmed: “Which analytics platform should I use and why, and will Kibana really change the way I do business?”

The simple answer is: “Kibana, for many PeopleSoft users, will change the way you do business.”

Partner with ERPA to Improve Kibana Analytics for PeopleSoft

Why trust us when it comes to PeopleSoft, Kibana, and data analytics recommendations? ERPA is an approved, highly qualified , and our ERP professionals have helped countless businesses over the years streamline, optimize, and complement their PeopleSoft integrations.

We know what works, and we can make sure that PeopleSoft works for you. Contact our PeopleSoft experts today by visiting our dedicated ERPA contact page or call us directly at (614) 718-9222 to learn more about how your company can enhance its data management and analytics with Kibana for PeopleSoft.

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