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One of 's more intuitive executive workplace tools is . WorkCenters is a one-stop shop to help business leaders prioritize daily tasks, reduce navigation difficulties, and process frequent transactions of all kinds.

Tailored enterprise resource management services and solutions—and a history of exceptional performance across a wide variety of industries—is what has made one of the most reliable administrative tools on the market for more than 20 years.

PeopleSoft is a premier human resource, financial, supply chain, customer relations, , student administration, and enterprise performance management software provider. PeopleSoft has helped companies around the world maximize their investments and modernize their technology. ERPA, a PeopleSoft partner, continues to work alongside PeopleSoft companies to boost performance while we optimize essential business processes.

Benefits of PeopleSoft WorkCenters

Like any software solution, PeopleSoft's WorkCenters pages work only as well as you let them. This is to say, “Do your research and put in the time, and WorkCenters can change the way you do business.”

It's easy to recognize the benefits of a WorkCenters page, how to populate its pagelets, and how to optimize performance—almost as soon as it's implemented.

WorkCenters Page Benefits

The advantages of WorkCenters for human capital management can be felt across your organization, whether you're new to the software or are a PeopleSoft veteran.

Benefits of WorkCenters page implementation include:

  • Centralized Organization: WorkCenters provides a central area for you to access key components within your management application(s).
  • Navigation Simplification: WorkCenters reduces navigation time and lets you accomplish your daily tasks for effective, seamless multitasking and enhanced efficiency.
  • Improved Productivity: WorkCenters let you easily access all the desired pages and components from one location.
  • Personalized Workload View: WorkCenters let you customize your workload view for simplified management. WorkCenters pages and dashboards are easy to configure and maintain.
  • Data security: WorkCenters is backed by Oracle/PeopleSoft security solutions.

The benefits of the PeopleSoft Fluid WorkCenters Framework as well as PeopleSoft managed services are realized once you pop the hood, so to speak, and begin to tailor functionality to your specific business needs. Having all of your management solutions in one place is only scratching the surface.

How to Create and Optimize PeopleSoft Workcenters

Pages—better known as WorkCenters—are a type of configurable PeopleSoft classic page through which you can offer access to related transactions, analytics data, query results, and other PeopleSoft resources. WorkCenters lets you do this from one central location, and this makes enterprise resource planning more intuitive and less stressful.

Understanding WorkCenters pages is simple. It helps you create your own in a way that optimizes functionality for maximum performance impact, and it involves just a couple key concepts.

How WorkCenters Pages Are Organized

The WorkCenters framework is divided into two interconnected work areas.

  • Pagelet Area: The pagelet area is located on the left side of the screen and works like a drop-down menu in that top-level pagelets/categories are displayed and can be accessed if you click on them.
  • Target Content Area: The target content area is located on the right side of the divided page and displays the transaction page, query results, analytics, or other resources that the user requests with a click in the pagelet area.

That's about as simple as it gets on the surface. Once you dive a little deeper, you can customize these two areas to function in line with your desired outcomes. For example, you can set the target to open in a new window or replace the current window entirely.

The WorkCenters Development and Implementation Process

To create and optimize your WorkCenters pages is a simple, easy-to-understand 7-step process:

  1. Create a new WorkCenter starting page
  2. Register new components and pages in the portal if necessary
  3. Create and publish necessary pagelets
  4. Create the WorkCenter and designate a starting page
  5. Construct pagelet groups and organize pagelets accordingly
  6. Test WorkCenter navigation and target content generation
  7. Access, view, and personalize your WorkCenter page content

There's a little more to it, but that's how you create WorkCenters in a nutshell. Additional considerations include defining WorkCenter page layout templates and creating WorkCenter dashboards.

Tired of trying to optimize your PeopleSoft WorkCenters pages and not getting the results you want? Just utilize a few WorkCenters best practices, and if that doesn't work, reach out to a professional PeopleSoft post-production support partner like ERPA.

PeopleSoft WorkCenters Best Practices and Pitfalls

The PeopleSoft Fluid WorkCenters Framework provides a central place for work and activities to simplify user navigation. It also provides an intuitive dashboard to run queries and reports.

An ideal PeopleSoft WorkCenters environment is one in which the application of dashboard features and WorkCenters functionality is instinctive and intuitive.

Utilize these WorkCenters best practices to maximize your performance:

  • Personalize your alerts so you can react proactively to certain conditions
  • Customize the reporting you wish to run on a regular basis in the Reports/Query tab
  • Optimize your WorkCenters to display a comprehensive dashboard upon entry
  • Enhance the pagelet link area for easy access to the most frequently used transactions and target content
  • Keep links to other Work Benches in a Supply Demand WorkCenter
  • Provide training to help users better understand functionality

Common WorkCenters pitfalls to avoid:

  • Too much jargon that confuses users with your pagelets
  • Not including enough content or functionality in your target content areas
  • Burying links to frequently-used features and functions
  • Not organizing your dashboard in a way that's intuitive to all users
  • Not personalizing alerts and reporting, which causes an excess of data to wade through

Luckily, nothing is set in stone when it comes to PeopleSoft WorkCenters. Meaning, if something isn't working, or your seem a little off, you can easily alter the framework hierarchy or introduce new pagelets to better align your WorkCenters with daily management tasks.

Test, revise, and test again until your WorkCenters are just right.

Make the Most of Your PeopleSoft WorkCenters Software Solution with ERPA

Sometimes, the best way to maximize performance and optimize processes is to partner with a PeopleSoft professional. ERPA helps business and technology leaders enhance their PeopleSoft solutions. Our experts understand that there is no one-size-fits-all dashboard, template, or application that can solve every management challenge. That's why our goal is to optimize your PeopleSoft experience to work for you and your business.

ERPA PeopleSoft expertise includes:

ERPA helps clients improve process performance while we customize PeopleSoft dashboards, pages, and functionality to your specific business management needs.

Contact an ERPA PeopleSoft expert today to enhance your WorkCenters pages and make them work for you!

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