The 4 Best Workday Optimization Products for Maximizing ROI

Published On: November 22nd, 20235.9 min read

Workday optimization products from an experienced partner like ERPA make the period after you go live much more enjoyable.

Going live on is similar to planning a wedding — it takes a lot of people, time, and effort, but the wedding itself is not the goal.

A long, healthy marriage is.

Here at ERPA, we want to partner with you for the long term because that's how you see the greatest results.

Every business has specific application management needs, so no two solutions will be the same.

That's why businesses choose AMS partners to make Financial, HR, and ERP systems simple to use.

But how do optimization products maximize your organization's AMS?

Let's find out.

Workday is a powerful, Cloud-based software that helps an organization:

  • Drive efficiency;
  • Ensure compliance;
  • Make data-driven decisions;
  • And more.

After and go-live, consulting and support often drop drastically.

If contracted, can make a huge difference in your organization's Workday ROI.

ERPA understands what an accomplishment your go-live was. But the real value of your investment in Workday comes from the long-term adoption and utilization of your tenant.

In this article, we'll show you how ERPA's optimization products can help your organization reach its fullest potential with Workday.

How to Maximize ROI With Workday Optimization Products

ERPA's products help organizations maximize their Workday investment.

After go-live, many companies need customized configurations and personalized support to meet the needs of their business.

That's where Workday AMS partners like ERPA step in with a customized and actionable roadmap for success.

What are ERPA's optimization products, and why do you need them?

They include:

Keep reading to learn what these products do to benefit your organization.

1. Workday Life After Launch

Many Workday clients use the Launch methodology when going live because of its apparent advantages in cost and timing.

ERPA offers a solution to support team and company business goals and needs.

focuses on:

  • Stabilizing your Workday tenant;
  • Understanding where the opportunities lie;
  • Providing a roadmap for the future optimization of your Workday investment;
  • And more.

This ERPA optimization product is perfect for companies that are in the early months of being live on Workday.

What are the three main benefits of ERPA's Workday Life After Launch?

  1. Bringing your tenant to an improved state before providing the next optimization roadmap.
  2. Analysis, planning, and execution stages to ensure your Named Resource with ERPA is fully versed in your company's current and future goals.
  3. Adaptability and customization options to make your AMS work for you.

Your Workday configuration should scale as your organization does.

Plan for future growth and streamline your current deployment with the help of a trusted vendor.

2. Payroll Bridge Support

The handoff from deployment partner to internal resource is typically limited to two pay cycles.

So, what does the team do during and after this transition?

is a critical part of any organization and foundational for a positive employee experience.

ERPA bridges the gap between the stabilization period and your business goals. You can rest easy knowing that Payroll Bridge Support addresses the most typical bottlenecks that pop up both short and medium-term.

Sometimes, an organization only needs a little help. Other times, quite a bit more.

Whoever you are, you don't have to worry about payroll falling through the cracks with the support of a Workday AMS partner.

ERPA Offers Two Payroll Bridge Support Packages to Meet Your Company's Needs

The benefits of a fluid transition in payroll are clear. Everyone wants to get paid on time, and every company wants payroll to be accurate and efficient.

ERPA offers two solutions for those who need a little vs. more intensive help during this process.

Package 1 includes:

  • A three-month, three-phase time frame of support.
  • Each phase kicks off with a customer needs analysis and ends with an exit assessment to prioritize the immediate needs during this time.

Package 2 includes:

  • A six-month, three-phase process to ensure comprehensive and sustained support.
  • How do you know which is right for you?
  • It all comes down to what your organization needs.

3. Workday Position Budget Workbench

The period immediately following your go-live on Workday means you have to manage your regular business requirements on a new platform.

Things like Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management, as well as Payroll, Absence, and Time Tracking are all being tracked in a new space, and it takes some time to figure it out.

A Position Budget Workbench can help your company reduce errors, especially in and funds.

It is a single source of truth to view all activities related to fund accounting.

Some of the benefits of a Position Budget Workbench include the following:

  • HCM managers can request new positions.
  • Budget managers can create and monitor position budgets for head-counts.
  • Finance managers can monitor budgets and actuals and finalize payroll posting.
  • PATT managers can monitor payroll runs.

ERPA's certified Workday consultants act as named resources focused solely on AMS.

Build a trusted relationship with someone dedicated to learning your Workday environment inside and out.

4. Financial Bridge Support

ERPA can make your post-go-live experience much more enjoyable and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

ERPA's Workday Financial Bridge Support offers extensive support for critical customer needs.

Whether your need is functional, conversions, reporting, or something else, ERPA Workday consultants will help you navigate it.

Financial Bridge Support includes:

  • Configuration updates and corrections;
  • Finance Administrator training;
  • Testing assistance;
  • Operational transaction conversion assistance;
  • Security training;
  • And more.

ERPA offers support packages to fit the needs of your organization.

As a Workday AMS partner, you'll receive personalized service to optimize your Workday investment.

Get the Most From Your Workday Investment Using ERPA's Optimization Products

products give companies a competitive advantage in today's quickly evolving world.

Some of the benefits of choosing to use ERPA optimization products include:

  • Happier employees;
  • Great ROI;
  • More efficient processes;
  • Improved workflows;
  • Controlled spend;
  • Better decision-making;
  • Simplified talent acquisition;
  • Company-wide goal-oriented planning;
  • And more.

Optimization products mean your organization highly values productivity, employee happiness, and ROI.

If you aren't sure where to begin, start with a trusted post-launch partner like ERPA. We know exactly how to maximize your experience and investment!

You're already investing in Workday. So, taking this next step with post-go-live support is the perfect way to help your company reach its full potential.

With ERPA's products that include:

  • Life After Launch
  • Payroll Bridge Support
  • Position Budget Workbench
  • Financial Bridge Support

You'll be able to get more work done at a faster speed without anything falling through the cracks.

Financial Management, Payroll Management, HCM, and other teams can avoid bottlenecks and streamline processes as they adapt to Workday.

If you want to make the best use of your resources, contact ERPA today for a tailored solution of Workday optimization products to meet your organization's needs and current and future goals.

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