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Bridge Support

The hard truth of a is that the level of consulting received from your deployment drops drastically after go live. That hand off from deployment partner to internal resource is typically limited to two pay cycles before shifting into the negotiated (if contracted).

Where Does That Leave the Typical Payroll Team?

Payroll critical part of business continuity (not to mention a positive employee experience!). In a worst case scenario, the hard lesson around configuration and maintenance may be learned with a flawed payroll cycle. ERPA offers a solution that can bridge the stabilization period, when tenants, despite being tested prior to go live, reveal themselves to need more attention than was given during the initial deployment. Designed to span both short- and medium-terms, our Payroll Bridge Support offering offers specifically designed phases to capture and counter the most typical challenges, plus spot and address any unique process to your tenant or company.

Which Bridge is Best for You?

Sometimes you just need a little help, sometimes you need bit more. We offer two package durations to address your Payroll tenant needs.

Month 3

This is the perfect solution for customers who have or will recently go live and need some extra support during the stabilization period. This model offers three phases in a three-month timeframe. Each phase contains kicks off with a customer needs analysis and ends with an exit assessment to prioritize the immediate needs during this time. The estimated phase time frames are:

  • Phase 1 = 6 weeks
  • Phase 2 = 4 weeks
  • Phase 3 = 2 weeks

Month 6

This model is built for customers who need more intensive support, whether because of the scale of their tenants and company, or because there are more moving pieces. The three phases begin with customer needs analysis and end with exist assessments; contingency plans are also developed in case of unexpected challenges ensuring there is comprehensive and sustained support during the six months. The estimated time frames are:

  • Phase 1 = 12 weeks
  • Phase 2 = 8 weeks
  • Phase 3 = 4 weeks

Contact ERPA

Click here to learn about our two packaged offerings. If you'd like to speak with someone directly, please fill out the form below and we will reach out.

Which Support Package is Right for You?

Duration isn't the only thing you can choose the right fit for. Our support also comes in two offerings:

Full Support

  • Configuration Updates/Corrections
  • Testing
  • EIB Creation
  • EIB Upload Support
  • Payroll Processing Support
  • Review/Create Job Aides
  • Review/Update Payroll Check List
  • Off Cycle/Manual Support
  • Settlement Assistance
  • Cross Functional Support (specific to payroll needs for pay complete)
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Provide Standard Report List
  • Ongoing Knowledge Transfers (Facilitate)

Limited Support

  • Ongoing Payroll Processing Support
  • EIB Review
  • Ongoing Knowledge Transfers (Facilitate)
  • Custom Report Review
  • Off Cycle/Manual Support
  • Settlement Support
  • Support as needed/requested

The ERPA + Workday Experience

As a Partner, ERPA provides ongoing functional, technical, and administrative support to customers in production with and Workday , providing clients with real-time operational visibility along with the speed and agility to adapt to business growth and change.

Workday Optimization Products

As your organization scales, so should your Workday configuration. Let our certified consultants teach you the best ways to utilize Workday and plan for future growth by streamlining your current deployment, reducing errors and redundancies, and building a structure designed for your organization's future.

Workday Life After Launch

  • Stabilization Support
  • Payroll Support
  • Issue Resolution Training
  • SOP Governance
  • Integrations Review
  • And More

Position Budget Workbench

  • Ongoing Payroll Processing Support
  • EIB Review
  • Ongoing Knowledge Transfers
  • Custom Report Review
  • Off Cycle/Manual Support
  • And More

Financial Bridge Support

  • Configuration Updates and Corrections
  • Finance Administrator Training
  • Testing Assistance
  • Operational transaction Conversion Assistance
  • Security Training
  • And More

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