Life After Launch

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ERPA + Workday Optimization Products

Life After Launch

Going live on Workday is similar to planning a wedding – it takes a lot of people and a lot of time and effort, but the wedding itself is not the goal; a long, healthy marriage is. We here at ERPA want to partner with you for the long-term. We understand what an accomplishment your go live was, but the real value of your investment in Workday comes from the long-term adoption and utilization of all your tenants, guiding your current state Workday production environment to its fullest potential.

Many Workday clients used the Launch methodology when going live because of its obvious advantages in timing and cost. Some are challenged after go live as the delivered configurations do not fit the customization needs of their business, and their team may not be fully trained on functionality.

ERPA can help

We have created a proprietary offering that is specifically solutioned for Launch clients. Our packages are designed to address the fires that occur during your stabilization period while still consulting with you develop a customized, actionable road map that will enhance your Workday instance and support your team’s and company’s business needs and goals.

Go Live Support and Roadmapping

A customized package offering that focuses on stabilizing your Workday tenants, understanding where the opportunities lie, and providing a roadmap for the future optimization of your Workday investment. Best for companies that have deployed Workday within the past three months.

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Month 1

  • Stabilization Support
  • Payroll Support
  • Issue Resolution Training
  • SOP Governance
  • Integrations Review
  • Period Close Support
  • Current State Analysis
  • Data Conversion Support

Month 2

  • End User Surveys
  • ERPA User Adoption Dashboard
  • Roadmap & Strategy
  • Change Management (Optional)
  • Deliver Training Plan
  • Execute End User Training Plan (Optional)
  • Period Close Support

Month 3

  • ERPA Custom Report Delivery
  • Reporting Course
  • Delegation Review
  • Non-Configurable BP review
  • Tenant Diagnostic & Security Review
  • Cyclical Event Review (OE/Adv Comp/Talent)
  • Admin Training


  • Future State Roadmapping
  • End User Surveys
  • ERPA Update Release Dashboard
  • Continuing Change Management Strategy
  • Schedule Phase X and optimization work

Rolling Adoption and Roadmapping

Intended for companies that have been using Workday, but not to its fullest extent. This offering offers a comprehensive diagnostic of current state, then works to implement updates and changes over three-month period to bring all tenants to an improved state before providing the next generation optimization roadmap. Best for companies that have deployed Workday more than three months ago and/or have already gotten through stabilization.

All of our packages include analysis, planning, and execution stages to ensure that the named resources assigned to your team are fully versed in the challenges being experienced and can craft customized solutions. We also offer solutions that help you evolve your Workday subscription, and change management to help your teams adapt and utilize.

The ERPA + Workday Experience

As a Workday AMS Partner, ERPA provides ongoing functional, technical, and administrative support to customers in production with Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), providing clients with real-time operational visibility along with the speed and agility to adapt to business growth and change.

Workday Optimization Products

As your organization scales, so should your Workday configuration. Let our certified consultants teach you the best ways to utilize Workday and plan for future growth by streamlining your current deployment, reducing errors and redundancies, and building a structure designed for your organization’s future.

Position Budget Workbench

  • Ongoing Payroll Processing Support
  • EIB Review
  • Ongoing Knowledge Transfers
  • Custom Report Review
  • Off Cycle/Manual Support
  • And More

Payroll Bridge Support

  • Request New Positions
  • Create Position Budgets
  • Monitor Budgets & Actuals
  • Finalize Payroll Posting
  • Monitor Payroll Runs
  • And More

Financial Bridge Support

  • Configuration Updates and Corrections
  • Finance Administrator Training
  • Testing Assistance
  • Operational transaction Conversion Assistance
  • Security Training
  • And More

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