Workday Financial Management Will Optimize Your Business

Published On: July 19th, 20221.9 min read

An innovative finance system can lead to tremendous business growth by figuring out where your financial game is slipping, unclogging bottlenecks, and making every part of your business strategy that much more efficient.

Workday Financial Management is a Powerful Business Component

When it comes to your company's back office endeavors, Financial Management is a powerful component that should not be ignored, as it can use the power of cloud-based finance to get your company on point and prepared for what lies ahead.

Make Optimization Part of Your Journey

“Optimization” can seem like a nice-to-have rather than a must-have when you consider running on . After all, once you're live, that should be good enough, right? However, if you're moving from a legacy system to Workday, the intelligent automation and machine learning will require some configuration to bring the full value to your team.

With optimization, the cloud-based finance system has the power to remove tedious bureaucratic tasks from your staff, freeing up their time to do far more critical-thinking tasks. Understanding what can do before and after Day One is critical.

Getting Optimized Quickly

Go live on Workday is a huge accomplishment and no doubt took a lot of effort from your team. But go live is really just the starting line, and Workday has too many automated financial processes designed to help you out to just leave it in “deploy” mode for too long.

If your company is too busy handling the day-to-day of everything that it needs taken care of, it's crucial to pull in a consultant firm like ERPA whose experienced resources know the ins and outs of Workday's business processes and can get your processes running more efficiently and provide your staff on-the-job training.

ERPA Optimizes Workday Financial Management

Your business will evolve and investing in a flexible, cloud-based system like will empower your finance team to spend their valuable time focusing on making the business more efficient and strategic than supporting the day to day.

ERPA is not just a , we're a client, too, and we live the optimization journey. If you are looking for guidance and partnership in managing Workday, please fill out the form below to speak with someone.

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