How to Pick the Best Dedicated Resource for a Workday Partner

Published On: November 15th, 20235.4 min read

Choosing a dedicated resource for your services partner and Extend partner matters. Why? Because picking the right partner means you're getting the most out of your investment.

What is a dedicated resource?

An actual human expert in Workday will be your point of contact for all things Workday.

That's huge when it comes to an AMS partner who knows the ins and outs of Workday and your business.

A dependable, experienced dedicated resource will be able to:

  • Scale with your company;
  • Provide continuous, personalized support;
  • Help navigate challenges as they arise;
  • Cheer you on and get to know your business more intimately;
  • And more.

So, in this article, that's what we're going to share with you.

  • What makes a great dedicated resource.
  • How they benefit your company.
  • How to find the right fit.

Keep reading to learn more. And if you're ready to find your Workday point of contact right now, contact us here.

Why Choosing a Dedicated Resource for Your Workday Partner Matters

Finding a great dedicated resource for your Workday partnership requires your company to get clear on its short and long-term objectives.

When you're looking for a Workday point of contact, consider the following:

  • Budget
  • Business objectives
  • Projected future expansion
  • Alignment of culture and expectations
  • Complexity of your organization

Workday implementation, updates, and optimization are often a hefty lift, especially for Enterprise companies.

With a trusted partner who gets to know your business deeply over time, your company will enjoy faster Workday updates, integrations, and optimizations.

So, what does a skilled dedicated resource look like?

Let's find out.

Characteristics to Look for in a Dedicated Resource

To choose a high-quality dedicated Workday resource, you have to be able to identify them.

So, what makes a winning resource?

Quite a few things, actually.

1. Deep Technical Knowledge and Expertise Within Workday

You want someone with a track record and skillset of success within Workday and as a Workday point of contact.

You can look at previous project portfolios and unique skills related to your organization and industry.

2. Flexible and Responsive Communication and Support

There are two significant Workday updates each year, and having a partner who can move quickly during rollouts is incredibly valuable.

Consider and communicate about paid time off and how easy it might be to reach your named resource during different circumstances.

3. A Track Record of Finding Solutions to Any Problem

You want your Workday resource to be a go-getter. As your company scales, they will be on the lookout for solutions and pathways to success every step of the way.

Long, strategic partnerships mean a deeper understanding of your business needs and highly personalized support.

How a Named Workday Resource Will Benefit Your Company

You might be asking, “Do I really need a named resource? What about a pooled resource?”

Keep reading to learn the difference between pooled and named resources and the benefits of the latter.

What is a pooled resource?

A pooled resource is a group of Workday-certified consultants who will be assigned your ticket in a randomized order, depending on availability.

These people may or may not know your business.

Your named resource is a predetermined point of contact who will be trained in and familiar with your specific Workday subscription, business objectives, and roadmap.

That's a huge benefit of a named Workday resource!

Let's look at some more benefits:

A Clear Understanding of Your Business

Your dedicated resource will be an expert in your business and Workday configurations. This leads to faster rollouts, optimizations, and resolutions.

Easy Hours Tracking and Budget Accountability

When many people at your company submit support tickets to your , maintaining oversight on your hours can be confusing. Your dedicated partner will be able to track hours easily.

At ERPA, we offer real-time visibility through a tracking dashboard, so you never have to wonder where your company is at.

Help with Roadmap Planning

A quality partner wants to understand how your business is using Workday.

They want to know:

  • Business goals
  • Challenges Workday is solving for
  • Where you are today
  • Where you want to be tomorrow
  • In a year…
  • In ten years…

Understanding where you are enables them to map out the technology updates you'll need along the way.

The greatest benefit to a dedicated Workday resource is that they are committed to your organization specifically.

Over time, they'll build a relationship with you and help you grow.

Essentially, they'll always know where you are and where you want to be. And then they'll help you get there.

ERPA is the Best Workday Dedicated Resource for Your Business Needs

Seeking a dedicated resource for your is a great way to make your dollars work for you. They support your business objectives. And they ensure you're getting everything you can from your Workday investment.

ERPA is one of those great Workday point of contacts you can count on. We are a Workday-certified partner, and our motto is, “We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.”

To recap…

Why does having a named person who stays with your company throughout your Workday journey matter?

Because it changes the game.

It's like having a personal trainer who tailors your diet, exercise, and sleep habits to meet your lifestyle preferences and the goals you hope to achieve in the future.

Except for your business.

How do you determine what makes a trusted point of contact?

  • Ask questions about their experience, technical knowledge, and success stories.
  • Contact with references and read reviews from other clients.
  • Ensure you're both aligned on the skills and expectations you have.

What are the benefits of a dedicated Workday partner?

The benefits are numerous.

Some of them include:

  • Faster rollouts and resolutions
  • More bang for your Workday buck
  • Help with roadmap planning to keep your organization on track with its objectives
  • Accountability on budget and progress

How do you know when you've found the right fit?

You know you've found a great dedicated Workday resource when they are a Workday-certified partner with experience in your industry.

They will align with your goals and expectations and are committed to helping you scale and offering continuous, flexible support.

Are you ready to see what a dedicated resource can do for your business? ERPA is here to help! Contact us today to see how we can increase ROI and support your business' growth.

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