The Top 5 Workday Launch Challenges to Plan Ahead For

Published On: June 3rd, 20222.4 min read

Workday Launch is one of the fastest-pace solutions to get your enterprise resource cloud technology needs upgraded to the modern-day needs. But an accelerated deployment doesn't always make the best transition from your old system to the next big thing, and that can lead to struggles of user adoption and functionality. Being unable to make the connection from the old to the new swiftly and effectively is the source of frustration, stress, and the potential downstream revenue impacts as business is delayed, rerouted, or simply lost to companies who are more prepared.

Fear not, however. As they say, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Consider some of the most frequently encountered frustrations and adjust your plans accordingly:

1. Data Migration

How big a deal is data? A few years ago, The Economist said it had surpassed oil as the most important resource in the world. Your enterprise management cloud functionality can't exist without good data. Prior to go live, your organization likely underwent a large data review, but don't be surprised if, once live, you find that data is not behaving as you'd expected. Tweaks post-production are expected, not a sign of failure.

2. Execution Updates

has two updates to its products every year and it is not uncommon for companies to fail to take advantage of new features in these updates. AMS partners can be expected to implement these updates and train your team on their new functionality.

3. Proper Documentation

Implementing takes multiple actions and requires a lot of documentation to understand what's going on, where all your stuff goes, where it all currently is, and how to move it from Point A to Point B. Have a roadmap of where everything is and who's responsible for what so you're prepared for inevitable turnover and knowledge loss from time decay.

4. Non-congruous Defaults

Your HR department works one way, but turns out doesn't do the same. The way that Workday was configured pre-deployment is the way it will stay until you can figure out how to make it make sense. Expect that with a pre-configured methodology, your Workday instance will not function like you expect until you make the time to configure and tweak your tenants.

5. Partnership

If you've ever watched “Dancing with the Stars”, you know that a skilled professional can make even the most inexperienced amateur look good. The same holds true for Workday partners. A knowledgeable third-party can help your team sort out all the gaps between your enterprise's expectations and the actual performance.

Set Yourself Up for Success by Anticipating Challenges With Your Workday Launch

The best AMS partners are the ones that are focused on optimizing your investment in Workday and thereby making your team look good. Need help with any of these challenges? Please fill out the form below to speak with someone; we'd love to help.

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