4 Highlights from Workday Rising 2023: The Future is AI

Published On: October 4th, 20233.9 min read

Whether you were there in person, digitally, or couldn't make it this year, the highlights from Workday Rising 2023 are many and exciting. They centered around improving people leaders and accelerating time to value for customers, deepening partner relationships and, of course, AI.

If you missed 2023, keep reading for a recap of Rising 2023 — a celebration of and its partners and customers.

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Innovate the Workplace With Workday AI

was heavily featured on day one, probably the biggest highlight from 2023. In almost every innovation and new feature, Artificial intelligence (AI) and are front and center.

Some of the newest announcements include:

What do each of these have in common? AI, of course.

Read on to learn more about some of the main highlights of this year's Workday Rising annual customer and prospect event.

1. AI Joins the Workforce

Workday co-founder and co-CEO Aneel Bhusri shared that he believes that innovation today will make the working world of tomorrow smarter, faster, and more personal. That is why Workday continues to innovate with .

Within Workday, has the power to create:

  • Simplified expense reports;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Growth plans;
  • And more.

2. Workday AI will Shape the Future of the Workplace

Workday AI can drive efficiency within your organization. Turbocharge your existing company and help people leaders better engage and grow their teams with the power of AI.

AI and ML technologies are moving fast, and Workday has been investing heavily in both for over 10 years.

Some of the newest solutions announced have the power to transform companies and the future of work.

Let's look at some of the solutions announced during Workday Rising 2023:

Workday AI Marketplace and Workday Solutions Marketplace

Customers can harness the power of Generative AI and all of the innovation happening today with the new Workplace AI Marketplace.

Now, customers can easily find solutions to fit their specific needs and deploy trustworthy ML and AI apps directly into the Workday ecosystem.

Manager Insights Hub

Improve employee performance, productivity, and enhance the leadership experience through the new Manager Insights Hub, powered by AI.

Now, team leaders have more visibility on ways to encourage engagement and growth within their teams.

Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday's new generative AI helps streamline collaboration between Finance, Human Resources, and other teams.

Not only will it have a positive impact on ROI, but it has the power to improve performance and decision-making.

3. Deeper Partner Relationships, Better Customer Experiences

Matt Wood, VP of AI at , took the stage at Workday Rising to talk about deepening partner relationships.

What do deeper partner relationships mean for Workday customers?

AWS has had a decade-long partnership with Workday. And it makes sense. AWS is all about availability, reliability, and security — everything Workday values.

A key pillar of Workday is its partners. Both Workday customers and Workday rely on them for success.

Partnerships help:

  • Accelerate innovation;
  • Deploy new capabilities;
  • Drive growth;
  • Support customers;
  • Accelerate time to value;
  • And more.

Through partnerships with service partners like ERPA, customers can enjoy dedicated resources, ongoing optimization, and continuous support.

4. You Need a Data Strategy to Create an AI Strategy

AI isn't going anywhere, however at Workday Rising CIO of Snowflake, Sunny Bedi, shared that if you don't have a data strategy, you can't have an AI strategy.

Snowflake is a full platform customer that builds data warehouses, plus has other creative capabilities.

Bedi shares that the datasets used today are growing exponentially.

What does this have to do with Workday AI?

Workday's deeper Cloud partnership with AWS accelerates time to value and innovation.

Integrations between the organizations give customers and developers native access to AWS services.

So, the key takeaway for data or analytics leaders is to come up with a proper data strategy that will allow you to scale using the technology available and the needs of your company.

Transform Your Workplace With ERPA + Workday AI

If Workday Rising 2023 left you invigorated, curious, and ready to go, you can tap into the power of Workday AI and:

  • Make HR and finance more intelligent.
  • Drive more accurate decision-making through robust datasets and insights.
  • Offer a more collaborative and seamless experience for your organization.
  • Automate manual processes and reduce errors.
  • Help your company recruit and keep top talent.

Just like ERPA, Workday takes a people-first approach to doing business. If you want to learn more about how Workday AI could transform your company, contact ERPA today.

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