Press Release: ERPA Transforms the ASU Student Experience

Published On: February 7th, 20241.9 min read

ASU Collaborates with ERPA to Transform the Student Experience

Alabama State University (ASU) is set to transform the student experience through the implementation of an innovative and cost-effective solution. A driving force behind this transformative initiative is ERPA, a leading enterprise application managed services provider, who is currently spearheading the implementation process at ASU.

Introduction to the Student Activity Hub (SAH)

The cornerstone of this initiative is the Student Activity Hub (SAH), a cutting-edge central repository developed at University of California at San Diego that consolidates data from various student-related sources.

This hub significantly enhances the reporting and analysis capabilities for key aspects of the student experience such as enrollment, demographics, major/minor changes, progression, retention, graduation, and time to degree.

By seamlessly integrating data from sources like the Student Information System and Canvas, the SAH serves as a singular, reliable source of truth for all student-related data.

The SAH can also be extended to include additional student information sources such as student activities, student housing, and any other key sources of student data. The primary objective of the SAH is to facilitate data-driven decision-making in support of student success.

Key Features and Benefits of the SAH

Leveraging high-speed database technology, the SAH offers real-time information processing, enabling the development of targeted and personalized student interventions. The SAH is also compatible with different data visualization tools and statistical packages.

Additionally, it boasts text mining, time series, and graph analytics capabilities, while also ensuring interoperability with major cloud provider systems.

Depending on institutional requirements, the SAH can incorporate data from a wide array of sources, including:

  • Student Information Systems;
  • Recruiting and admissions systems;
  • Degree planning and audit systems;
  • Financial aid systems;
  • Advising systems;
  • Learning management systems;
  • Student surveys;
  • Student engagement services;
  • And more.

The Impact of SAH on ASU

The implementation of the SAH is poised to elevate ASU's student data management and analytics capabilities, aligning with institutional goals while preserving the university's distinctiveness, autonomy, and control over its data.

Powered by next-generation analytic technologies and methodologies, the SAH supports a diverse range of use cases, from census enrollment and retention reporting to predictive modeling for student success and advising, as well as learning analytics.

ERPA, recognized as a premier enterprise application managed services provider, is at the forefront of driving this transformative initiative at ASU.

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