How to Get Back on Track with PeopleSoft Project Recovery

Published On: March 24th, 20234.7 min read

Can an effective team rescue a project that has gone off the rails? Let's face it: Major IT projects are hard.

Whether it's a digital transformation initiative, application or operating system migration, legacy system retirement, network infrastructure upgrade, or some other big IT project, the ugly truth is that most such projects do not end well: By some estimates, up to 75% of major IT projects fail.

After more than 60 years of large-scale computer system implementations, shouldn't we know how to do it right the first time?

Projects related to PeopleSoft applications—and those from JD Edwards, Hyperion, and others—are no exception. These systems are large and complex to begin with, and for organizations that had them in place for a long time, any major project can become a nightmare because of the accumulated customizations and integrations with other systems.

That's why having an experienced PeopleSoft Professional Services team like ERPA that specializes in can be so important to the success of a major initiative.

ERPA's PeopleSoft Professional Services Can Save Your Project

Among the many skills that ERPA's team can offer is . Whether you are upgrading from an older version, migrating your PeopleSoft implementation to the cloud, or working on some other PeopleSoft-related initiative, if your project is heading in the wrong direction, ERPA can help.

Here are just some of the benefits of ERPA's PeopleSoft Project Recovery service:

Dedicated PeopleSoft Consulting

The pool of experienced PeopleSoft consultants in the IT professional services industry is dwindling, and many firms no longer support PeopleSoft. Even businesses with in-house PeopleSoft expertise are losing them to retirement but at ERPA, PeopleSoft support is still a core part of our business and we intend to keep it that way. Our consultants have many years of experience with different types of PeopleSoft projects in general and PeopleSoft Project Recovery in particular.

Our robust service delivery platform provides a reliable PeopleSoft environment, whether deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid architecture.

ERPA's Amazon Web Services (AWS) team are experts in PeopleSoft cloud deployments and can design and build the right AWS environment for your PeopleSoft implementation.

With ERPA's PeopleSoft Project Recovery service, our PeopleSoft experts can quickly assess the state of your project, correct the mistakes, fill the skills gaps, and get your project back on track.

Superior Project Management

Rescuing a failing project is one of the most difficult tasks a project manager can face, in particular where the project manager is taking over when a previous project manager or team has failed. Often there are office politics or company culture factors at play that must be navigated carefully, so an incoming project manager has to be sensitive to both the technical and people-related aspects of a failing project.

ERPAs project managers have long experience with these situations and have developed a winning project management approach tailored for PeopleSoft Project Recovery.

ERPA's Project Recovery project management approach includes:

  • Understanding the project goals and how they have changed since initial project launch;
  • Working with stakeholders to understand the pain points in the current environment and prioritizing the future-state requirements;
    Redefining the project scope;
  • Setting realistic expectations regarding budget and timeline;
  • Evaluating the work already done and determining what can be kept as is, what can be redesigned or reworked, and what needs to be thrown out;
  • Establishing a realistic design, development, testing and implementation plan, and holding all stakeholders accountable for meeting project milestones and deliverables;
  • Developing and delivering training, documentation, and other knowledge-transfer deliverables to make sure the end users are ready to be productive on the new system from Day 1.

Above all, ERPA's Project Recovery project managers work closely with the client to understand the business processes that the system is intended to support.

Often PeopleSoft projects go wrong because the organization is trying to perpetuate processes that are inefficient, nonstandard, or unnecessary and therefore require extensive system customizations.

Our consultants can help you look at your processes with a critical, objective eye and suggest ways that these processes can be improved by adopting best practices that are supported “out of the box” by the PeopleSoft application with no customization needed.

Technical Resources: The Benefit of Ongoing Professional Services

Of course, the benefits of PeopleSoft Professional Services extend far beyond Project Recovery.

ERPA's PeopleSoft Professional Services team can help your organization with:

  • Routine PeopleSoft patches and updates;
  • The implementation of additional PeopleSoft modules to meet business needs;
  • Customization planning, development, and testing;
  • Integrating PeopleSoft with your other business systems;
  • End-user support and training;
  • Incident response;
  • And more.

ERPA's PeopleSoft Professional Services team fills the gap when your in-house IT team lacks the expertise to support your PeopleSoft environment.

ERPA's PeopleSoft Professional Services to the Rescue

Every IT project failure can be traced to a unique combination of technical, project management, and organizational-culture issues. Rescuing such a project involves understanding these issues so that the same mistakes are not repeated.

ERPA's PeopleSoft Professional Services team have seen it all when it comes to PeopleSoft projects in need of rescue. We know how to turn the project around and get it across the finish line in a way that satisfies all the stakeholders, from the end users to the executive sponsors.

Whether you are working with another , are trying to do it yourself, or if your organization's PeopleSoft project is struggling, contact ERPA today to talk with our PeopleSoft Project Recovery specialists.

Let ERPA help you design and execute a solid, realistic remediation plan to guide your PeopleSoft project to success.

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