The Benefits of Moving Legacy Oracle Workloads to the AWS Cloud

Published On: October 10th, 20221 min read

As a client, the phrase “” might make you think of an ERP rip and replace but with the cloud hosting services of (), expensive and painful transitions like that can be done if and when you want, rather than forced upon your organization because of arbitrary timelines.

PeopleSoft Hybrid Cloud Migration

With the many cloud hosting options out there, evaluating the right hosting partner might seem like an unnecessary step if you're running an Oracle workload like PeopleSoft. There's value in broadening your horizons, though.

PeopleSoft Thrives on AWS

There's more than one cloud in the sky! Learn how you can remain a PeopleSoft client without being limited to Oracle's cloud offering. Our eBook discusses the features offers and its corresponding compatibility with Oracle workloads such as PeopleSoft.

Read About How AWS Supports PeopleSoft

Download this eBook to dive into how and why AWS is a great fit for a PeopleSoft hybrid operating model. Read more about how your company can enjoy all the perks of the cloud without the costs or process implications of an ERP rip and replace.

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