ERPA ActiveGenie™ for AWS Streamlines Cloud Migrations

Published On: April 4th, 20234 min read

Among the tens of thousands of firms and individual consultants recognized in the Amazon Partner Network, only ERPA offers ActiveGenie™ for AWS. ERPA's proprietary AWS cloud orchestration tool, developed by our team of experts and software development staff.

With ActiveGenie™ for AWS, ERPA automates builds and migrates your enterprise applications, (such as PeopleSoft and Oracle), providing advanced monitoring and management tools for your environment. For instance, ActiveGenie™ for AWS gives you the power to automate and streamline cloud migrations and manage your cloud environment after the migration.

In this article we look at some details of the ™ tool and how it has streamlined AWS migration and management for ERPA's clients.

ActiveGenie™ for AWS: A Simple and Seamless Automated Cloud Migration

The power that comes from ActiveGenie™ for AWS is its extensive set of features and tools to manage all aspects of your journey to AWS—before, during, and after migration.

For instance, to accelerate the cloud migration process and automate post-migration maintenance tasks, ™ relies on , extensive automation, and deep integration with native AWS management tools.

In addition, ActiveGenie™ can also automatically scale AWS compute, memory, database, and storage resources so that performance never suffers, no matter the load on the system.

After that, monitoring tools show you the state of your AWS environment at a glance, including application and infrastructure health monitoring, user activity, and more.

Some of the powerful features included with ERPA's ActiveGenie™ for AWS include:

  • On-Demand and Scheduled Environment Backups: Automated pre-migration AWS environment setup, including provisioning and configuration of AWS servers and storage, based on the outcome of ERPAs pre-migration assessment.
  • On-Demand and Scheduled Start/Stop of PeopleSoft Environments: Scripted, automatic migration that leverages repeatable and scalable processes, enables multiple iterations, and reduces the errors inherent in performing manual migrations.
  • Customized Performance Dashboards: Customized performance dashboards give you real-time system performance metrics.
  • Real-Time Service Monitoring: Real-time service monitoring that shows you how much your AWS environment costs.
  • Elastic Auto-Scaling of Environments: Automatic environment resource scaling to meet real-time system load demands.

Taken together, these features provide a comprehensive AWS management tool that takes the mystery and guesswork out of managing your AWS environment.

Optimize Cloud Migrations and Enterprise Application Workloads

One of the basic cloud use cases is simple replication of an on-premise environment in the cloud. A one-for-one migration of each physical (or on-premise virtual) server to an equivalent cloud server.

This approach is known colloquially as “lift and shift.”

However, a lift-and-shift migration does not always take advantage of all the benefits of , but it can increase reliability and reduce costs without re-architecting the server environment.

In addition, ERPA has leveraged the power of ActiveGenie™ to help many clients with lift-and-shift migrations to AWS. These clients often had the same complaints regarding their existing on-premise environments, such as:

  • Frequent service outages;
  • Performance issues;
  • Outdated hardware;
  • Security issues;
  • Lack of scalability;
  • High operational costs;
  • And more.

Using ActiveGenie™ for AWS, ERPA's consultants were able to right-size an AWS environment and perform rapid lift-and-shift operations for, among others:

In every case, the result was increased scalability, reliability, and security, reduced operational costs, and increased end-user satisfaction.

Go Beyond Migration with ActiveGenie™

ERPA doesn't just serve clients in the education sector. We can help clients with more advanced needs than simple migrations. By leveraging ActiveGenie™ for AWS we have helped clients in diverse industries, including:

The many products in the AWS portfolio provide a wide variety of solutions that go beyond implementations. These services enable enterprises to achieve capabilities, such as development, that can be prohibitively expensive to attempt with on-premise infrastructure.

ERPA's AWS consultants are recognized experts who can help with the simplest or most advanced AWS implementations for any client.

Close the Cloud Migration Gap with ERPA and ActiveGenie™ for AWS

If you are still relying on on-premise server infrastructure to support your business-critical applications, you are missing out on the many advantages of the cloud. ERPA's AWS clients have realized many benefits, including:

  • An average of 31% reduction in operational costs
  • 69% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 62% more efficient IT infrastructure management

Moreover, by leveraging ERPA's ActiveGenie™ for AWS, we have achieved an average turnaround time of 21 business days for AWS migrations—much faster than other AWS partners.

Let our team of AWS experts show you how ActiveGenie™ can help you get to the cloud faster, with less hassle, and at a lower cost.

If you have outgrown your on-premise server infrastructure, or want to get out from under the high costs of maintaining it, contact ERPA today.

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