Gain Scalability and Unleash a Better PeopleSoft With the AWS Cloud

ERPA's solution helped Daytona State College (DSC) gain scalability by combining the endless benefits of the cloud and our Hosted Managed Services for PeopleSoft – both of which are enhanced by ™, our cloud orchestration service.

DSC gained incredible improvements in performance, reliability, disaster recovery, security, and scalability, while optimizing operations, management, and maintenance. ERPA are backed by an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), robust governance, and service delivery management. We leverage ActiveGenie™ automation to streamline infrastructure management,

administration, and database administration for a -like experience with near-zero downtime for routine maintenance activities. Our ongoing cost optimization services have resulted in an additional 10% savings beyond the initial cost reduction.

ERPA Case Study: City of Boston Modernizes PeopleSoft With AWS Cloud

The Challenge

Daytona State College (DSC) hosted its , HCM, Finance, and Portal applications, and SQL Server database with a private cloud provider, only to experience frequent service outages and an infrastructure lacking both the flexibility and capacity to accommodate periods of peak usage. This resulted in performance issues and a diminished student user experience, while incurring high monthly costs.

The Solution

DSC engaged the ERPA team to discuss current challenges, explore possible solutions, and prioritize future technology initiatives, business requirements, and scoping considerations. Our team rearchitected the way in which the PeopleSoft applications and SQL Server database were hosted and the workloads were managed.

The end result was a purpose-built infrastructure with appropriately sized AWS resources.

The Outcome

The upcoming student registration period went smoothly, and we migrated the remaining PeopleSoft applications (HCM, Finance, Portal) shortly after. Overall, the applications were stabilized, performance improved immediately, the student user experience was greatly enhanced, and DSC gained the ability to scale as needed while lowering monthly costs by 30%.

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