7 Ways AWS Application Modernization Drives Business Value

Published On: April 26th, 20235 min read

Legacy data center and applications migrations to the cloud require an investment – of time, resources, and energy – which is why many business leaders turn to application modernization when they're ready to modernize their legacy enterprise applications.

It's your job as a business leader, regardless of the industry, to find practical system-wide innovations and apply them in efficient, effective ways.

On one side of the coin, you have the temptation to innovate through new technology rollouts, optimized processes, and a revised business model, while on the other side is ease of sticking with tried-and-tested legacy systems.

Organizations are often wary when it comes to the implementation of new platforms simply because an investment in something new is money out the door, and that's not a false assumption.

is an exceptional platform supported by an unrivaled ecosystem of high-performance, industry-specific management tools for education, healthcare, energy, financial administration, and so many more.

That's why, regardless of the industry, AWS application modernization experts like ERPA urge customers to consider the benefits that can be derived by legacy modernization with (AWS).

AWS cloud migration offers practical innovations so you can improve your day-to-day operations and not sacrifice system quality.

End Database Dependency and Increase Value with AWS Application Modernization

It's easy to get comfortable with legacy systems. Yours works (for the most part), and you've used it for years, if not decades, to manage all your critical business processes.

So why invest in modernizing legacy systems when you'll have to spend money to implement a new system, train your employees, and align all your operations?

The answer is simple: AWS application modernization with Amazon Web Services (AWS) will revolutionize the way you do business.

There are several legacy solution upgrades inherent to Amazon Web Services implementation that have an immediate impact on operations.

These include cost-effective data storage solutions, access to a network of global partners, and a world-class infrastructure that's easy to adapt to your specific business needs. That's why business leaders turn to ERPA for AWS application modernization.

AWS is a leader in hosted managed service solutions, which is why industry innovators utilize the platform to transform, update, and accelerate their business operations.

Benefits of an AWS application modernization implementation include:

1. Improved Efficiency

AWS has been around for a while, therefore the solutions they offer have been optimized to minimize resource drain and maximize efficiency.

Everything from improved analytics tracking to cloud financial management, relational databases, application integration, and more work together to improve process efficiency throughout your organization.

2. Reduced On-Site Costs

Cloud-based managed service platforms are not new, but AWS has long been an industry leader when it comes to an all-in-one effective off-site solution. Off-site process management is where many businesses find their biggest cost savings.

It's expensive – in time and money – to manage everything in-house. AWS application modernization through ERPA offers a number of cloud-based solutions that take the stress out of trying to do everything on site.

3. Scalable Compute and Storage Capacity

Many one-size-fits-all application modernization service providers sell you pre-packaged offerings that come in a few different sizes.

Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for businesses to manage important processes when it's time to expand operations.

AWS application modernization has built-in, scalable compute and storage capacity that meets even the most ambitious business expectations.

4. A World-Class Development Platform

Spend less time modernizing legacy systems and more time streamlining an exceptional experience when you deploy AWS application modernization, a world-class development platform.

Developer tools like AWS Cloud Control API and the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) make it easy to take control of your IT management.

5. Rapid Deployment and Development Partners

The geniuses at AWS understand that legacy application modernization to a new cloud-based platform can be a complex, time-consuming process.

That's why we recommend businesses big or small partner with an AWS-approved expert like ERPA to enhance their AWS application modernization implementation.

ERPA's Amazon Web Services team has helped organizations move crucial processes from legacy systems to cloud-based AWS platforms in as little as two weeks.

6. Comprehensive Data Management Services

Gather actionable insights with comprehensive data-driven analytics management tools that are easy to understand.

Through AWS application modernization you can take advantage of several advanced AWS solutions like:

7. Infrastructure Security

Data security should always be at the top of your priority list, whether you're comfortable with your application modernization or are invested in an AWS implementation.

Infrastructure security is something AWS does better than other platforms on the market. Security, threat detection, and compliance optimization are handled throughout applications like AWS Identity and Access Management, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS Firewall Manager.

The above-listed AWS application modernization upgrades to your current legacy system only scratch the surface of what AWS offers.

That's why it's in your best interest to find a reliable AWS application modernization service provider like ERPA to make sure you get the most out of Amazon Web Services.

But don't take our word for it. Read more about how ERPA has helped large, multi-faceted organizations like Daytona State College Illinois State University, Alabama State University, and others maximize their AWS migration.

ERPA + AWS Application Modernization

Approved partners like ERPA – with years of experience in AWS application modernization – help businesses find every benefit, improvement, and innovation available when they enhance their legacy modernization efforts with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS application modernization gives you the tools to scale and succeed at the pace you want, and ERPA experts can make sure you meet your goals without having to sacrifice performance quality.

ERPA can meet you where you are and help your organization take the next steps. Discover why thousands of enterprises leverage ERPA and AWS application modernization services to improve business outcomes.

Ready to take control of everything AWS application modernization has to offer? Call (614) 718-9222 to contact an ERPA AWS professional today.

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