How AWS API Management Can Change the Way You Do Business

Published On: January 26th, 20235.7 min read

Cloud-based software solutions are nothing new, but Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to streamline the way businesses adapt their critical systems. What's more, AWS makes enterprise-level resource planning, regardless of industry—from human resources to financial services to education—simple and intuitive.

You can make managing your cloud-based software solution easier with a qualified expert to guide you through the complexities. ERPA is a certified Advanced Tier Services Partner for Amazon Web Services. We are the premier cloud-based application creation and management solution used around the world.

Migration to a cloud-based AWS platform is an effective way to modernize your technology and maximize your investment. You can do this through application integration, database management, and reliable analytics and reporting, and that's just scratching the surface.

ERPA and AWS help companies evaluate their opportunities to change business practices and overcome contemporary challenges. Scaling with growth, data security, and application programming interface (API) administration are only a few of the top-level solutions companies take advantage of when using AWS.

Still on the fence about migrating crucial systems management tasks to a cloud-based platform like Amazon Web Services? Don't be. AWS API management and ERPA will change the way businesses succeed without feeling overwhelmed by modern technology solutions.

AWS API Management Puts the Power Back in Your Hands

Need more functionality and less headache? Amazon Web Services is a one-stop-shop for all things cloud-based. This means you can integrate all your day-to-day resource management tasks, operations strategy goals, and database management functionality to a cloud-based model with relative ease.

Many businesses hesitant about cloud migration are more comfortable with systems they've used for years if not decades. Furthermore, many won't see the inherent opportunities like offer because even the thought of a system migration is stressful. “If it's not broken, don't fix it” is often the mantra.

Unfortunately, static human management systems are a challenge to keep modernized, less responsive to industry changes, and don't offer the functionality that can. As a result, businesses tend to not grow at the rate or scale they'd like to as time goes on, and their current systems only continue to become more outdated.

That's why AWS API management partners like ERPA strive to maximize cloud-based solutions that revolutionize the way businesses operate. We take away the stress and unnecessary complexity of trying to manage your old system and replace it with the relative ease and security of a cloud-based platform. This is an opportunity to streamline processes in ways that free up resources, minimize complications, and maximize potential.

Likewise, if you already use an enterprise-level human capital management platform like PeopleSoft, you can house data off-site with API management solutions to simplify organization and make administrative tasks less demanding.

Top-Level Amazon Web Services Functionality

Administrative solutions for some of your company's most pressing management challenges can be implemented using AWS. Amazon Web Services top-level functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Application integration
  • Financial management
  • Computing
  • Data storage
  • Networking and content delivery
  • Migration
  • Database management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Machine learning
  • Front-end and mobile web development
  • And more

That's a lot of cloud-based management potential. To maximize all AWS has to offer your business can be complex and stressful when you try to do it by yourself. Often, entire in-house teams are dedicated to a single line item above, and it's usually your job as a business leader to compile everything together in a cohesive, progressive fashion.

This is difficult for even the most seasoned professionals, which is why enterprise-level companies around the world turn to AWS API management partners like ERPA for a helping hand.

Application Integration and API Solutions Made Easy with AWS

Application integration and API solutions are a key piece of the Amazon Web Services puzzle. We get that. Which is why AWS partners like ERPA are experts in AWS API management.

If you partner with an AWS-qualified specialist, you can easily create and maintain new APIs at scale and not break the bank.

Benefits of Using AWS to Create, Maintain, and Secure APIs

One of the biggest challenges of growing your business is to operate at-scale as you succeed. Smart business leaders utilize cloud-based solutions like PeopleSoft and Amazon Web Services to make things simpler. Benefits of using AWS to create, maintain, and secure your APIs include:

  • Cost Savings: Amazon API Gateway (the AWS API management solution) offers a tiered pricing model for API requests, so you can reduce your resource drain as your API usage increases.
  • Efficient API Development: You can run multiple versions of the same API simultaneously to test, iterate, and release updated versions efficiently.
  • Performance at Scale: Amazon CloudFront gives you the capability to optimize latency for API requests and responses. You can throttle traffic, authorize API calls, and manage traffic spikes easily with a cloud-based API management solution.
  • Easy Monitoring: Diagnose and analyze error rates, data latency issues, and key performance metrics all from your AWS API Gateway dashboard.
  • RESTful and WEBSOCKET API Options: Choose from serverless and HTTP backend capabilities as well as real-time, two-way communication integration through either RESTful APIs or WEBSOCKET APIs.
  • Flexible Security Controls: Authorize or deny access to your APIs and ensure data security. Optimize your security response with flexible, customizable controls with services like AWS Identity and Amazon Cognito.

As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, ERPA combines the cross-functional knowledge and technology expertise of enterprise applications and cloud solutions to drive your modernization and transformation initiatives. Let ERPA experts amplify your AWS API management potential to augment the way you do business with a cloud-based platform solution.

ERPA Excels at AWS API Management Success

Moving crucial application and system processes to the cloud demands a clear vision and a well-defined strategy. We understand that organizations are at different places in their cloud journey, and ERPA can make your integration less stressful and more successful.

ERPA Amazon Web Services and PeopleSoft experts help companies:

  • Evaluate organizational readiness for
  • Identify and implement cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Determine the viability of cloud-based API solutions
  • Define the best strategy
  • Maintain applications in the cloud as part of ongoing modernization efforts
  • Bridge the gap between full solution deployments and in-house administration

Cloud-based AWS API management solutions are easier to implement and more intuitive to manage than traditional avenues. That's why ERPA partners optimize your AWS processes and cut costs while they do.

Not sure if AWS is the right complement for your PeopleSoft integrations? Need an expert to guide you through post-integration confusion?

The ERPA AWS specialists are waiting for your call! Contact the ERPA Amazon Web Services team today for a cloud solution consultation.

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