Leveraging PeopleSoft to Ease Your Nursing Pain Points

Published On: June 2nd, 20222.7 min read

Community hospitals are a diverse array of talents, passions, and skillsets, but most people out there recognize nurses as the glue holding it all together. This pandemic has hit hospital systems across the nation hard, and the crunch on staffing nursing is felt throughout.

Time is not something that hiring managers at community hospitals have as an unlimited resource. Hiring nurses in the most optimal environment is hard enough; hiring them in the post-COVID-19 pandemic, when they are one of the most sought-after professions in the world, can be nearly impossible.

That difficulty has a trickle-down effect inside the hospital system. The HR department is spending so much time trying to find suitable nurses that it can't adequately address the needs of the current staff. The nurses already on staff aren't getting the relief they need and are having to work more frequently. This causes diminishing returns as they struggle to get enough downtime and rest. When they don't and it affects their job performance level, then patients start to suffer.

Technology Was Designed to Make Life Easier

For example, can streamline Enterprise Recruiting and Talent Acquisition; the problem is, they take time to institute and populate if you aren't already intimately familiar with them. If you haven't stayed up-to-date with the newer functionality available, then you could be surprised at the capabilities it can bring.

Simply put, hiring managers in community hospitals don't have time to keep up-to-date, utilize and/or optimize , and wring out the capabilities that could positively impact their own efforts toward keeping the system operating effectively. Factor in the challenges of hiring and managing locums and traveling nurses and you can quickly understand the juggling act hospital staff are having to do on top of all their other day-to-day responsibilities.

Community Hospitals Need a Call Button

When patients in a hospital need help right away, they press the call button and a nurse rushes in to assess the situation and figure out a way forward towards a successful solution.

Where is the administrative “call button” located? Community hospitals can get help with optimizing PeopleSoft from experts in the field, either on site or as a function of managed resources. These experts can come in, talk about your biggest pain points in finding and onboarding new nurses, and ensure your PeopleSoft is set up optimally to reduce the administrative aspects of this problem as much as possible.

Beyond staffing, PeopleSoft can help with financial issues: integration of PeopleSoft to your clinical system can streamline the inventory requirements for med surg, patient refunds, and accounting. Operational improvements can come from integrating PeopleSoft into on-floor dispensaries (Omnicell/Pixus). These are all things that reduce time and effort; if only you had the time to take these changes on.

Contact ERPA for Help With Your Community Hospital by Leveraging PeopleSoft

It's this kind of extra optimization that so many staffs are too busy for, but can create an efficient work environment which greatly helps in efficiency and ultimately staff retention, something that is critical in today's employment market.

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