Overcome Your People Shortage With PeopleSoft Managed Services

Published On: June 8th, 20222.1 min read

There is scarcely a single industry that wasn't affected somehow by the COVID-19 pandemic, and local governments certainly felt and has continued to feel its impact. According to data from the Pew Research Center, among the number of employees who can do their work from home, the number who say they choose not to work from the workplace has skyrocketed from 36% in October 2020 to 61% in January 2022.

This can be particularly challenging for local governments or other organizations running their ERP through , the most successful long-term software solution in its field. Many organizations still run with on-premise hardware, making it difficult to source and maintain a satisfied, in-person workforce.

Maintaining a Satisfied Workforce is Difficult With On-Premise Hardware

One possible solution is to look beyond the talent pool of already trained PeopleSoft experts. Training other employees in PeopleSoft will help to reduce the constraints of a shrinking workforce. Of course, training is a time-consuming task. The PeopleSoft Online Library can be a big help, but there's still a learning curve there, especially for younger employees who have been brought up on different ERP systems.

That leaves a noticeable stop-gap between what you have and what you need, and unlike a ship, your city government can't just shut down its engines and drift a while until a new crew comes aboard.

Rather than forcing your experienced PeopleSoft employees to work longer hours or become the impromptu office guru who now splits their time answering everyone else's questions and trying to squeeze in their own work, consider outside assistance in the form of a PeopleSoft-proficient problem-solving firm that can share the reins while your staff adjusts to transitions. This form of assistance combines the best of both worlds – professionals who know PeopleSoft inside and out and can come on board immediately to keep things running shipshape, and at the same time act as the sounding board to your staff to answer questions not only on how processes work, but how they can be improved.

ERPA's Experts Keep PeopleSoft Applications Running Smoothly

Having a consultant who can look over your current use of PeopleSoft and find ways to optimize it to be more efficient can save you time and money in the long term. And project work aside, it might be time to consider a managed services partner.

ERPA can help with any and all of the above scenarios. If you'd like to chat with us about the challenges you're facing and how we might be of help, please fill out the form below.

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