4 Ways to Optimize Your Business Using Workday AMS Solutions

Published On: July 6th, 20234.5 min read

By using Workday AMS Solutions such as certified service partners, customers have been able to tap into the Power of One and empower their teams without breaking their budget or exhausting their staff.

A big part of this value is how solutions partners enable customers to unlock new capabilities within the platform. These capabilities can be hard to find without specialized expertise.

That's why post-production support companies like ERPA exist. Our teams of Workday certified consultants help businesses get the most value out of their systems as a premier partner in the Workday ecosystem.

Below, we'll describe how this support can do wonders for improving Workday operations.

The Benefit of Workday Application Managed Services

The term post-production support refers to everything that happens in Workday after the initial deployment. While Workday offers several launch options to get users online, go live is just the beginning.

We could spend all day describing the full list of support benefits that solutions partners bring. But let's save some time and talk about the top four benefits of using ERPA to optimize your Workday Application Managed Services (AMS):

  • Cost savings through process boosts;
  • Access to pro help for Workday environment maintenance and optimization;
  • Lowered risk through security planning and monitoring;
  • Stay up to date with the latest software updates;
  • And more.

Let's review each of these benefits and how ERPA's Workday AMS Solutions help you find this value.

1. Access to Expert Insight With Workday Integrations Monitoring

Right off the bat, partners like ERPA help companies manage Workday AMS Solutions system setup and workflows. Your company can tap into these insights to great effect. The right help makes it easier than effort to improve processes and reduce errors in many tasks.

To employ this type of support full-time typically costs more than a support contract. Workday partners remove any need for companies to hire their own support team without forgoing the Workday certifications, tenant experience, and industry knowledge. As a result, your company can reduce the costs of employee , taxes, and more without sacrificing quality.

This benefit offers big savings for any business, especially when staffing is already a concern. Research shows that 4.5 million U.S. workers quit their jobs in November 2021 alone. Companies are certainly feeling the effects of labor shortages. Support partners help companies set up new solutions to help manage these issues. A great example is how Workday supports better management of labor force data to handle staffing challenges.

2. Improve Your System and Cut Costs With Workday Implementation Services

Workday AMS solutions partners provide access to a trusted team of Workday certified experts. These consultants help you manage your system in several ways. Some examples include routine check-ups, software updates, and security patches.

These benefits mean better efficiency, such as less time spent on tech management. Because you're free of tech burdens, you have more time to support your customers with their issues.

Plus, a certified Workday support partner offers tips and best practices for each system's setup based upon the best practices within your industry. Tapping into this shared knowledge will helps improve your workflows and makes it easier to handle new integrations or reporting. By improving the system in this way, users can boost system efficiency and accuracy. This results in more cost savings over time.

Don't ignore the impact that this support can have on costs and labor. In a Workday Trend Report, over 75% of companies have three or four staff members working on application maintenance. Even worse, over 60% of companies devote at least three to four days of staff time per month on these tasks. That type of cost adds up. Support like ERPA's Workday AMS Solutions will help your company reduce these costs.

3. Reduce Risk With Workday Integrations Monitoring

Workday AMS Solutions vendors can provide a full-time head count of experts to monitor your system. This is an easy way to identify and address issues before they become major problems. This is known as proactive monitoring. Proactive monitoring offers a good way for businesses to:

  • Avoid security problems;
  • Ensure system uptime;
  • Stay busy during work hours;
  • Reduce losses during system failures or outages;
  • And more.

4. Security Release Updates With Workday Optimizations

Workday is not a “set it and forget it” technology. Workday's bi-annual updates can require extensive time to study, select, and implement and some teams may not have the time or bandwidth to prioritize them.

You invested in a solution to ensure it remained current and optimized and with a Workday AMS Solutions partner you won't need to unduly burden your team twice a year to make the most of your investment. In addition, Workday AMS Solutions vendors like ERPA help businesses stay current with the latest software updates.

Partner With ERPA for Your Workday AMS Solutions

At ERPA, we've spent years refining our processes and helping companies like yours address the above issues within Workday AMS Solutions. But these are only the tip of the iceberg for Workday support. What about making a system ready to scale? Or meeting compliance mandates? Or even de-customizing your tenant for a more efficient work experience?

There's a lot to cover in Workday, so don't fall behind! Subscribe to ERPA's email list and get insights delivered straight to your inbox. Contact ERPA to learn more.

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