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For more than 20 years, ERPA has been committed to providing PeopleSoft services, and our expertise in PeopleSoft runs deep. When you work with ERPA for PeopleSoft, you realize the benefits of that commitment: tailored services and solutions, a resource for every need, and the cost and time efficiencies that can only come from partnering with an expert.

Managed Services

ERPA- Managed Services

Focus on your strategic initiatives. We’ll take care of the rest.

With hundreds of subject matter experts for all PeopleSoft processes, technologies, and products including Campus Solutions, HCM, FSCM, CRM, ELM, and EPM, ERPA offers a full suite of enterprise PeopleSoft managed services, including upgrades, infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance, and development with rapid delivery.

"The expertise that we’ve had available to us has made major contributions to our success with PeopleSoft. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without ERPA."

Chris Martin
Executive Director of Enterprise Applications
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Cloud Migration & Management

ERPA - Cloud

Fast track your digital transformation.

Maximize your existing PeopleSoft investment and take advantage of the scalability, agility, cost savings, and security of the cloud by migrating your PeopleSoft applications to the cloud. ERPA’s turnkey migration methodologies ensure a rapid, seamless migration, and managed hosting services enable you to focus on your organization’s digital transformation while ERPA takes care of the rest.

“The complex PeopleSoft infrastructure and application stacks mean that ERPA’s in-depth knowledge has been critical to us when we run into new and complex technical issues,” states Juracek. “It’s especially important when we face production or upgrade issues where adjusting project timelines isn’t an option.”

Marek Juracek
Director of Software Development and PeopleSoft Support
Daytona State College

Professional Services

ERPA - Professional Services

Drive adoption of change.

ERPA offers a proven track record of providing clients with the people, processes, and tools needed to achieve and maximize quality outcomes for their businesses. For all of your PeopleSoft consulting and project needs, we have built a balanced team of functional and technical resources across all  all disciplines of project manager, change management, functional analyst, application architect, application DBA/system administrator, developer, tester, and trainer.

"From their functional resources to their technical resources, they
all had experience. And that was one of the biggest advantages [of] ERPA."

Albert Saryan
Enterprise Services and Development Manager
Los Angeles Community College District

PeopleSoft on AWS

Gain agility, control costs, and innovate faster.

ERPA has a long track record of moving applications across multiple environments, bridging the gaps in multi-cloud application management. ERPA has established tailored roadmaps and processes to “lift and shift,” refactor, and rebuild applications on AWS, and our managed hosting services provide a full range of tools for operating and optimizing your new AWS environment.

Reach out to our highly experienced team for the best solutions for your organization.
We create PeopleSoft solutions that change the way you work.

Fuel your potential, focus on growth.

We specialize in getting your PeopleSoft applications onto the cloud and providing Managed Services that save you time and reduce technology costs.

One stop shop for all PeopleSoft Services

ERPA offers a full suite of enterprise PeopleSoft Services, which can be provided as a single service, or a bundle. Since our founding in 1999, we have grown our PeopleSoft practice to over 1,000 customers, served by over 600 employees. Our expertise includes migrating PeopleSoft to managed cloud hosting platforms, staffing for specific PeopleSoft needs, and providing fully Managed Services including: upgrades, infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance and development with rapid delivery.

Our unique Remote Enterprise Solutions Team (REST) Lab of PeopleSoft experts average 15 years of experience and have developed innovative tools to deliver the best quality experience for our customers.  We have subject matter experts for all PeopleSoft processes, technologies, and products including Campus Solutions, HCM, FSCM, CRM, ELM, EPM and their integration’s with 3rd party applications.  Our customers repeatedly return to expand services and support with ERPA because we can be counted on to go above and beyond the agreement to keep our customers satisfied

ERPA has a comprehensive portfolio of services focused on Oracle’s PeopleSoft, we have been providing PeopleSoft services and solutions for the last 17 years with 600+ full time employees, we have one of the largest PeopleSoft practices in the industry.

As a leading PeopleSoft services provider, we can help design and deploy the best solutions for your organization. ERPA will help your organization in unlocking the value of your PeopleSoft investments by implementing, enhancing, and managing PeopleSoft applications in right way.

Your PeopleSoft in the Cloud, Fully Managed

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

ERPA understands the challenges and offers an innovative solution to have a Disaster Recovery plan for enterprise apps without requiring additional hardware, resources or resource training. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can be deployed within weeks in the cloud with added security features, service level agreements, RPO and RTO. Our DRaaS offers flexible combination of RPOs and RTOs depending on your application’s recovery objectives.
PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrades & PUM Updates

PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrades & PUM Updates

ERPA has been a leader in functional and technical PeopleSoft upgrades. If you are considering a transition to PeopleSoft 9.2 – we should be your consulting firm of choice. Because of our deep expertise, we are uniquely qualified to jointly work with our customers to determine the optimal features within the latest PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) for those customers already on PeopleSoft 9.2. PUM allows you to periodically download a cumulative set of released updates and select only the capabilities you want to create a custom change package to deploy in your environment. PUM is a tool that is designed to provide you with a high degree of flexibility to selectively apply new features, and implement regulatory updates and patches cost effectively. No firm is more adept at guiding clients through the process of delivering these services.
Intelligent Auto Scaling

Intelligent Auto Scaling

Automatically increases no. of App servers and web servers in real time in response to peak loads such as student registrations and open enrollments etc. Automatically reduces servers when load goes down
Pay-as-you-use Model

Pay-as-you-use Model

Utilization drive billing, you never over pay or under pay we realize one size does not fit all…
US Based PeopleSoft Center of Excellence

US Based PeopleSoft Center of Excellence

Assigned named resources that know your business and systems. Experts who are available and ready to respond to exceed service expectations.
On demand PS Admins, DBAs, and Developers

On demand PS Admins, DBAs, and Developers

Rearchitect your infrastructure. Optimize, tune and secure your PeopleSoft environment., rearchitected, tuned and secured.
Automated Testing as a Service

Automated Testing as a Service

Free up your User Testing Time by 80% Integrated end-to-end testing between PeopleSoft modules; PeopleSoft and non-PeopleSoft applications. Our intelligent test scripts handle user decisions, errors and warnings.
Managed Hosting & Managed Services

Managed Hosting & Managed Services

ERPA offers customer focused Managed Cloud Hosting Services that are flexible, highly available, secure and scalable. We help businesses grow and create competitive advantage by increasing productivity, reducing IT costs, and scaling workloads as needed.
Two Factor Authentication & Firewall

Two Factor Authentication & Firewall

Not just at the time of sign-on. Secure various aspects of PeopleSoft such as changing direct deposit information or accessing sensitive demographic information
Staffing and Consulting

Staffing and Consulting

Various options to choose from Onsite, remote, hybrid, full-time, part-time expertise ofour vast employee base, reliable network of independent contractors.
Security & Monitoring Audit Controls as a Service

Security & Monitoring Audit Controls as a Service

A good security model is not too restrictive or too lenient and focuses on an organization’s security and user productivity. We understand an organization may have various security requirements such as: two factor authentication, add monitoring alerts, add auditable controls, cleanup user access, consolidate PeopleSoft roles, define user access by job duties, automate user provisioning or enforce separation of duties. ERPA’s Security as a Service (SECaaS) provides all types of PeopleSoft security needs. Using security analytics, we uncover and address security loopholes using automation, monitoring, and standard procedures.

PeopleSoft Portfolio

One stop shop for all PeopleSoft Services






Staffing & Consulting

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