The Improved Fluid PeopleSoft Benefits WorkCenter

Published On: March 29th, 20221.5 min read

By: Ramya Gundala

In PUM 34, Oracle introduced the Benefits WorkCenter, providing a one-stop workplace for benefits teams. This welcomed addition brought Benefits Administration, Benefits Configuration, and ACA Administration into one, centralized place. Role-based security controlled which features employees could access, limiting liability.

In PUM 37, document upload enhancements were added. This feature had the double benefit of permitting employees to upload multiple documents simultaneously, limiting their time and frustrations, and providing Benefits Administrators oversight of the approval process.

Now with PUM 41, Benefits Administrators have enhanced documentation management. With this update, they have the ability to require employees to upload any required documentation for eligible dependents, upload documents on an employee's behalf, and approve documents.

Why is This New Functionality Important?

The new field, “Qualified Dependent,” on the Update Dependent/Beneficiary page, adds significant value for the validation of qualified dependents. When all the required documentation is received and approved, the “Qualified Dependent” checkbox will clear automatically. Benefits Administrators can even enable the “dependent proof checkbox” by updating your Event rules table. The configuration will validate only the eligible dependents and generate errors for others when running the Benefits administration process. The “Dependents Not Qualified” exception report delivered on the Benefits WorkCenter allows administrators to get a list of employees with non-qualified dependents and notify the employees if necessary.

continues to enhance its Benefits WorkCenter to provide better, more efficient, and more centralized functionality. By reducing the amount of time Benefits teams need to navigate between systems for data, productivity will be positively impacted.

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