New Browser Options for PeopleSoft Test Framework Recorder

Published On: March 28th, 20221.4 min read

By: Sneha Lattupally

The PeoleSoft Test Framework (PTF) recording capability has been dependent on Internet Explorer for creating automated scripts since its introduction to the world i.e., PeopleTools (PT) 8.51. With the sunsetting of Microsoft support for Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022 looming, Oracle had to add other browsers to support recording for PTF.

In the most recent Tech Update, Oracle announced it had enabled Google Chrome as an option for PTF recording, with plans to also support Microsoft Edge. Some considerations:

  • The new browser functionality can be used only with V 8.58 or later.
  • The minimum tools requirements for the Chrome browser recording capabilities are PT 8.59.07+, where it is now available.
  • The minimum tools requirement for the Edge browser recording capabilities is PT 8.59.08+ when it is available. Oracle does not plan to support Edge browser for PT 8.58 or prior releases
  • Oracle has mentioned that they are planning to make browser recording capability available for anyone who will be on PT 8.58.18 +

It is not yet clear how PTF Recorder responds to Google Chrome as a browser for recording; Chrome has been a favorite for executing test scripts for a while because it saves a lot of time. Compared to IE, there are much fewer browser settings that need to be configured in Chrome or Edge. We anticipate that with the recording functionality turned on in these additional browsers that there will be enhanced automation experience and reduced time and effort of testers.

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