Manage Your Labor Needs with Workday Workforce Scheduling

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Workday optimization is all about efficiency and labor costs often making up as much as 50% to 60% of a company's total costs, and one of the best areas to improve cost and optimize labor is with Workforce Scheduling Management Software.

With increasing pressures for companies to sustain growth while providing remote and hybrid work options, labor management is more complex than ever before. Fortunately, with Workforce Management, offers a variety of labor management and schedule optimization tools to benefit both managers and businesses together.

As a certified Workday AMS Partner, ERPA has spent years helping companies configure and optimize their and Human Resource (HR) solutions, improving business operations. As part of Workforce Management, Workday's Scheduling and Labor Optimization feature provides complete transparency into labor costs and gives companies powerful flexibility in managing workforce hours.

Optimize Your Labor Force with Workday Workforce Scheduling

is a smart scheduling solution that generates schedules automatically using pre-defined shift patterns and takes into account worker availability, preferences, and qualifications.

It can easily integrate with other Workday modules, including , Time Tracking, Absence, and Labor Optimization, all without requiring expensive integrations.

is built around a series of functions that help companies get visibility into workforce management and reduce labor costs, including:

  • Automatic Schedule Generation;
  • Centralized Time and Scheduling Manager Hub;
  • Real-Time Analytics;
  • Interactive Schedule for Managers;
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling;
  • Recommended Workers;
  • Dedicated Mobile App;
  • Worker Preferences;
  • Open Shift Board and Shift Trading;
  • And more.

As an added benefit, Workday Workforce Scheduling provides mobile access to all scheduling information, allowing employees to view their schedules, request time off, and swap shifts on the go. This is a big benefit for communication and collaboration among employees and managers, especially in the post-pandemic world of remote work.

With built-in capabilities like geofencing, it's easier than ever for managers to stay on top of mobile employees, and that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the Workday Workforce Scheduling software can do.

Workday Workforce Scheduling Management: Everything You Need to Know

Primarily, Workday Workforce Scheduling helps companies get a handle on labor and time management. Workday can automate the scheduling process, including factors like employee availability, qualifications, and preferences.

This can save managers time and reduce the risk of errors or oversights that lead to costly workarounds down the line. Features for schedule management include:

  • Time saved generating schedules so managers can focus on employees;
  • Ability to maintain tight control of labor costs;
  • Empowering workers with input into their preferred schedules;
  • Engaging workers with a self-service mobile app;
  • Full transparency into labor costs with a single source of data;
  • Unification with Workday Time Tracking, Workday HCM, Workday Workforce Management, Workday Labor
    Optimization, and the rest of the Workday suite.

These solutions are powered by Workday Artificial Intelligence (AI), automating many of the routine tasks involved with schedule management while proactively matching business needs with worker preferences.

Schedules can be automatically built based on prior periods or manually assigned, with configurable validation tools that highlight errors or overlaps in the schedule. In a word, it provides everything that managers need to stay productive across all scheduling workflows.

Worker Empowerment Tools

Scheduling isn't just an administrative task for managers to worry about. It affects the entire workforce and your customers so Workday Workforce Scheduling integrates some valuable features that give power back to your employees:

  • Recommended workers based on qualifications
  • Full mobile app for anywhere, anytime access
  • Considerations for worker preferences
  • Open shift board for visibility
  • Shift trading and flexibility

These tools improve the worker experience by providing control and transparency to schedules, giving them input into their preferred shifts while allowing flexibility for shift changes.

Best of all, these features are backed by Workday Workforce Scheduling's AI-enabled platform, which keeps a watchful eye on all labor costs and business needs throughout the process.

This harmony of solutions ensures that both workers and businesses get their needs met with little additional effort required from users.

Data Analysis and Forecasting

Providing visibility into labor costs and needs is one thing, but even better is the ability to analyze historical trends and proactively optimize schedules based on need. This is another great benefit of Workday Workforce Scheduling:

  • Real-time analytics and productivity KPIs
  • Continuous views of labor spending
  • Labor cost comparisons of scheduled versus actual hours

When integrated through the help of partners like ERPA, these tools allow managers to easily forecast demand and optimize their schedules accordingly, helping to reduce over- and under-staffing and the associated costs that come with these errors. Best of all, all of these visualizations and trends are integrated with the entire range of suite; including:

  • Workday Scheduling and Labor Management;
  • Workday Time Tracking Management;
  • Workday Absence Management;
  • and Workday VNDLY for HR.

These integrations ensure that all pertinent data is available in the system and that managers have the best information possible when making long-term labor decisions. And with an all-in-one dashboard that makes management simple, users can easily supervise crucial labor and productivity tasks.

With Workday Workforce Scheduling managers have a great way to track their teams' daily performance and promptly address any concerns related to attendance and punctuality.

Get Started with ERPA + Workday Workforce Scheduling

Workday's Workforce Scheduling Management Software offers both HR managers and employees a powerful way to take control over labor administration.

For Human Capital Management (HCM), Workday Workforce Scheduling offers a valuable range of automation and visibility features that help reign in labor costs. For employees offers a suite of helpful scheduling and flexibility tools to help your workers stay engaged and productive. Empowering your team with an all-in-one dashboard and cloud-based scheduling solution.

As a certified Workday post-production support partner, ERPA focuses the entirety of our efforts on helping you get the most out of your Workday investment. We leverage our years of expertise helping companies like yours explore the benefits of Workday optimization, and now, we're ready to bring the benefits of Workday Workforce Scheduling software to your company.

Visit our dedicated ERPA contact page and submit a request for more information or call us directly at (614) 718-9222.

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