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How to Prepare for a Successful AWS Cloud Migration

It’s no secret that more and more companies are putting major functionality of their organizations on the cloud by implementing an AWS cloud migration. AWS is the market leader for cloud hosting as organizations phase out of the on-premise hardware era and into managed services. Amazon’s front-running offering holds 33.8% of the global market share for cloud computing, while three of the biggest tech names of all time, IBM, Google, and Microsoft, are at 30.8% combined.

Is Your Organization Prepared for Cloud Migration?

Moving your ERP to the cloud doesn’t have to be a rip-and-replace, top-to-bottom process and system change for your organization. It can come in pieces, where you see how a non-vital component functions in the new environment before you upload something else. Should this sound like the right approach for your company, our team of ERPA cloud migration experts recommend including the following considerations in your roadmap:

1. Maintaining Multiple Systems

Ensure your team is versed on how to operate in the cloud. It’s rare to find an IT department these days that haven’t operated in the cloud, but set everyone up for success by ensuring training on how to maintain your technology on AWS or other cloud providers.

2. Changing Cultures

Realistically, we’re all familiar with the cloud because as consumers we’re living and operating on the internet daily, from ordering grocery deliveries to streaming your favorite show. Typically, cloud migration eases life for the end-user, creating a more efficient user experience. However, there will be people who are used to “their” way of doing things. Preparing those colleagues for the new experience will set your migration up for success and ensure user adoption.

3. Perception

One of the most important things a stakeholder in cloud migration can do is set expectations with their business partners and technology end users. There will be downstream impacts of a cloud migration, ranging from change communication and updating user manuals, to reassuring team members that their jobs are not being eliminated. IT and business leaders driving change in their organizations understand that by communicating often and clearly the benefits of cloud migration, the changes expected, and the timing, will encounter much less resistance.

Contact ERPA to Schedule Your Complimentary AWS Cloud Migration Assessment

At ERPA we have helped many organizations with a successful AWS cloud migration and we would love to discuss your project with you. Be sure to check out our webinar: “Two Weeks to the Cloud: How ERPA Migrated Daytona State College’s PeopleSoft Applications to AWS“, discussing how ERPA helped Daytona State College successfully migrate to AWS in only fourteen days. Contact our dedicated team of experts to schedule your complimentary AWS cloud migration assessment, which includes a roadmap for seamless migration, or simply fill out the form below.

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