How to Support Your Payroll Team with Workday Payroll Management

Published On: July 20th, 20222.4 min read

Workday Management answers a lot of question marks for organizations when it comes to how they should maximize their organization's efficiency and keep the needs of their employees first and foremost. Every manager knows, happy employees equal a much more productive company.

Up Your Payroll Game with Workday Payroll Management

efficiency cannot be understated for companies trying to maximize their return on investment for both their staff and their . Here is a quick guide on how Payroll Management offers game-changing support for your payroll team.

Continuous Training is a Must

Jumping from another payroll system to can feel like switching from a PC to a Mac. Both systems are doing the same thing, but in radically different ways. A lot of payroll systems out there are from a different time, where paper and timecards were still very much a part of the process, and everyone got a check in their mail slot at the end of the week. is built to be intuitive, but changing processes requires some change management to embrace a new way of doing work. The end-user experience will be more streamlined but you may need to check in with your payroll team and take pulse checks. ERPA's Payroll team offers a dedicated product for organizations that may need support while they get comfortable with running payroll on Workday.

Dashboard Heaven

Dashboards have an incredible way of taking individual data points and condensing them into an actionable, insightful hub. can combine your payroll parameters, work absences, and all element of time into one convenient location where those with the proper clearance can easily move in and out without interrupting workers or the natural progression of the day. With further configuration, you can build dashboards that are specific to your organizational and departmental needs and give your decision makers many of the bells and whistles they saw during the demo.

End-Use Upgrade

Employees entering their time will enjoy the Workday interface. As a cloud-based software, employees can check out all things payroll from anywhere and on any device, including tablets and phones. With the ability to automate things instead of relying on back-end employees to automate them all, it's a big step forward towards the latest in modernization. And, of course, happier internal customers mean less time spent on troubleshooting and customer support for your payroll administrators.

Maximize Payroll Efficiency With Workday

For decades, running the company payroll has felt much more like a necessary evil than anything else; the task that nobody wants to do but must be done. Workday Payroll Management changes that concept through cutting-edge technology that coalesces a firm's ability to maximize payroll efficiency. Convinced that this is the right tool for your organization but need help? ERPA is here for you; fill out the form below to speak with someone about how we can help.

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