How AWS Saves Small Government Big Money

Published On: July 31st, 20222.7 min read

Government use of cloud computing can be complicated by budget and there may be a perception that moving from on-premise to cloud-based data centers is cost prohibitive. However cloud environments like () do some of their best work in saving money for client. Every organization runs on a budget but there's nothing like savings when you're in the public sector.

Cost Savings in the Cloud

Many local governments are not planning for large ERP replacements, but they can still incorporate cost savings while greatly improving their accessibility and reliability by moving their data centers to the cloud. Additionally, many services can be procured via existing government contracts, mitigating large capital expenditures, and eliminating painstaking RFP processes.

Better Data Storage

Unless Isaac Asimov was your company's IT director in the 1980s or 1990s, there's little chance that your local government envisioned the amount of data it would have access to in the 2020s. That means as technology has expanded and cities have grown, their governments have had to spend more and more money to add data reserves to their on-premises environments. Not only is this a big hardware cost, but it drains more of the budget through the cost of power. The heat pollution given off by larger and larger data storage facilities also means a larger carbon footprint for the government and/or a bigger bill from your cooling systems. It's an unsustainable trend – but it can be reversed by systematically adopting cloud technologies that make sense, like moving your data storage to . There's no need or requirement to purchase a massive data warehouse online, merely enough for your current needs. When your government fills up that space, it can move up to the next strata. Prices are affordable because AWS is a vast data hub with clients all over the world, and the cybersecurity to reflect that place of global prominence.

Avoiding Disasters

No city government official wants to see the day when they can't get to the office due to a flood, a hurricane, an earthquake, or another pandemic, but we've all seen those days in very recent times, and we know they are likely to come again. When governmental organizations employ AWS for the public sector, they are guaranteeing that their websites, infrastructure, and all points in between will not fall victim to natural disasters. This is especially critical during those disastrous moments, when citizens and employees are turning to the government for updates, support, and services during any such crisis. So many small governments suffered mightily during the COVID-19 pandemic because they could only access their databases and back-end functionality from the office that they weren't allowed to go to unless they counted as critical personnel. Leveraging AWS with CloudEndure, organizations can achieve enterprise-grade disaster recovery at a dramatically lower cost than was previously possible, and access controls anytime, anywhere.

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