Beyond Go Live: Our Workday Evolution

Published On: July 21st, 20212.8 min read

By: Alex Maidy

High above Nepal in the Himalayan mountains, countless humans have strived to achieve the goal of scaling the tallest peaks on our planet. Some have succeeded while others have failed. From all walks of life and every corner of Earth, people have tried a task that not everyone is capable of. But, even in the face of bitter defeat (and possibly much worse), these individuals persevere and continue to aim for their final destination.

Implementing is not just a software decision or a corporate purchase – and it's definitely not as arduous as attempting to scale Mount Everest. But, when a company sets out to move from a legacy platform to a new HCM solution, it IS the start of a journey. Having implemented and HCM software platforms for the last two decades, I have been privileged to partner with hundreds of organizations on those journeys. Now, I am excited to be part of a team undergoing a very similar undertaking.

When ERPA became a partner, we began to chart a course. The destination is to provide customers with the best experience through their journey with , managed services, optimizations, and more. To get from Point A to Point B is not nearly as simple as having the desire to get there. Any journey needs a crew comprised of experts to navigate a course towards that lauded destination.

Our leadership team in the ERPA Workday practice all joined with the same energy and vision; we are striving to be a partner unlike any other in the ecosystem. There are countless choices a Workday customer could go with to implement or support their deployment, so what makes ERPA any different? I could tout our core values of Empathy, Responsibility, Passion, and Agility. I could call out ERPA's 20-plus year history of implementing and managing on behalf of some of the largest universities and government organizations in the country. I could even just tell you about our good intentions.

Instead, I will come back to those mountain climbers in Nepal. Even after preparing for months and years to scale the Himalayas, those expert climbers still need experts to lead the way. The Sherpa people, accustomed to the landscape and the altitude of the mountaintops, have become the ideal guides for the arduous trek up the steep inclines. Through years of practice honing their remarkable abilities, the Sherpas are suited to guide mountain climbers because they themselves are mountain climbers. Who better to take you on your journey?

Here at ERPA, our team is comprised of some of the best Workday consultants in the business. We have direct experience working with customers of all sizes at all steps of the journey, from initial sales meetings to scoping sessions, architecture and design through testing and deployment. We are excited to aid every willing customer from that initial decision to implement Workday. Through rocky terrain and challenging weather, rough patches and safe travels, we are ready and able to assist you on your journey.

Alex Maidy leads the Time Tracking, Absence and Payroll team in Workday's ERPA practice. Learn more about our Workday leadership team.

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