Data Analysis for Colleges: A Missed Opportunity

Published On: November 19th, 20220.9 min read

Within Higher Ed, administrations have mountains of data that spans the lifecycle of their students so data analysis for colleges should be prioritized. If they break down the data silos, they will observe trends among applications, enrollment, and post-graduation.

Data Analysis for Colleges

By eliminating data silos, colleges and universities can better serve their past, present, and future student bodies. This eBook discusses the uncapitalized opportunity to turn data into actionable insights.

Use the Data Tools You Already Have

While technology is ever-evolving, you needn’t rip and replace the systems you already have in place. Migrating your data to a cloud-hosted platform such as AWS allows you accessibility and control over data from disparate systems. Dive into how AWS is turning data silos into data pools, and what those can do for you.

Read About How You Can Turn Data Into Change

Download this eBook to read about the steps and optimizations you can take so that your university can best serve its student body from admissions to curriculum planning to alumni networking.

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