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THE CHALLENGE: In the Midst of a Campus Solutions 9.2 upgrade, LACCD decided to also implement Fluid to best accommodate its students’ need.

THE SOLUTION: LACCD partnered with ERPA for its 20+ years of PeopleSoft expertise and deep experience within higher education.

THE OUTCOME: The upgrade and implementation were completed in just five months, and — among other improvements — LACCD soon realized efficiencies in its student course access, reducing typical 24-hour delays to just under five minutes.

ERPA Responds to Scope Change Without Skipping a Beat

After a complex multi-year implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, the Los Angeles Community College District — with its nine colleges and 250,000-plus student base — sought to engage with a partner who could address its long list of post-implementation wants and needs and embark on an initiative to stabilize the PeopleSoft implementation.

Fluid in Five Months? No Problem.

LACCD turned to ERPA for its 20+ years of PeopleSoft expertise and deep experience within the higher education vertical. Among the initial priorities for stabilization was an upgrade to Campus Solutions 9.2, which at first was going to be treated as a technical upgrade only. But as the LACCD team’s understanding of the 9.2 upgrade deepened, and they assessed the features of the upgrade against their students’ needs, they determined that they needed to proceed with not just a 9.2 technical upgrade but a Fluid upgrade as well.

The change in scope meant an expansion of the team — something ERPA had no trouble responding to.

Initially the ERPA team that came on board, they had great resources from the functional list to their technical analyst, their infrastructure team, they had a good team brought to us. But when we approached them regarding Fluid, ERPA [brought out] additional resources that were really experts in the Fluid development, including user experience, experts, developers and infrastructure team members,” said Albert Saryan, LACCD’s Enterprise Services and Development Manager. “So from their functional resources to their technical resources, they all had experience. And that was one of the biggest advantages, that ERPA brought in experts and not just on the Campus Solutions system, but actually 9.2 because 9.2 wasn’t as widely implemented at the time and ERPA had done implementation.

That expertise gave LACCD a leg up on an upgrade and Fluid deployment in a compressed timeline of just five months. One of the components of the “very successful engagement”, as Saryan said, was the operational improvement of student enrollment. With its previous implementation, students often experienced an up to 24 hour delay before being able to access courses and content. As Saryan attested, “With the help of ERPA’s DBA team and their developers, we were able to tune that particular interface to run under five minutes, which was a major impact to our business. Being a community college, our enrollment is very dynamic. So we want to make sure that the students are in the system, they’re able to access our courses and content. So between registering into a course and getting into the learning management system is  fairly efficient [now].”

In the end, it is all paying off. Says Saryan, “So there have been significant improvements and our adoption has been very well and successful. I would say it was one of the most successful ones that our organization has worked with as a vendor, as a partner.”


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