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City Government’s Central Organization (US) for Data Analytics and Data Science
ERPA - Data Science

Why Smart City Solutions?

  • Smart Cities harness technology to improve the quality of life of people residing in urban areas.
  • Number of people living in cities is likely to double by 2050.
  • To support growth, innovative ways for optimizing and managing resources are being sought out.
  • The expected global market size for products and services for this market will be $1.5 trillion by 2020.

Challenges to a Smart City

  • Various formats of data coming from different sources and application – mostly real time and at a very large scale.
  • High infrastructural cost for maintaining the voluminous data.
    Poor quality of data – inaccurate, irrelevant and corrupt, put an obstruction to better decision making and a burden on storage.
  • Unavailability of correct information hindering real time decision making.
  • Risk to unintended disclosure due to data.
  • Spread at various location.

The ERPA Advantage

  • Accelerators – Ready Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) with appropriate tools and techniques. Availability of business blueprints.
  • Governance – Flexible engagement models, delivery QA and proven project approach.
  • Assurance – Proven experience and skilled resources.
  • Capability – Innovative Cost Model, Global Delivery Model and Right Team.

Minimum 40% reduction in storage using ERPA’s EDP
Increase in Performance 10Xof Data jobs

City Government’s Central Organization (US) For Data Analytics and Data Science:

Smart City is technologically interconnected city that use digital information and communication to improve urban services. There is a need to reduce cost and optimize resource consumption to support the exponential growth of urbanization. Adoption and use of Big Data technologies enable better decision making and improve real time responses to challenges for the city authorities.


  • Improve city’s governance
  • Improve city’s operations through analytics
  • New Analytics solution to leverage and augment the existing BI solution
  • Leverage existing investments on BI infrastructure.
  • Solution with minimum TCO
  • Data Security


  • Solution leveraging existing investments in infrastructure.
  • Use of open source tools negating the need for licensed commercial tools – low TCO
  • Highly scalable solution with ease of maintenance.
  • Robust Data Quality framework and extensive audit & control mechanism with ERPA’s Micro services IP.
  • Leverage and extend current skills.

Our Solution:

  • Our Curation, Provisioning and Virtualization Services and execution methodology helps reduce Storage, Processing and Labour costs.
  • Anything to anywhere single interface for all types Data Ingestion including Streaming Social / Web content.
  • Our ERPA Data Framework which is built on Spark, Python (open source) tech stack allows COB staff to continue to leverage their current skills.
  • Our ERPA Data Services migrates all the data and pipeline from existing systems to AWS based data stores.
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