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Cloud Migration: Not Just for IT

The Challenge: Create a stable platform with a predictable cost model to support CorVel’s ERP (PeopleSoft) that would eliminate delays, downtimes, and security risks.

The Solution: Migrate from three on-premise data centers to AWS Cloud infrastructure.

The Outcome: Faster production times, enhanced security, high availability, and happier end users.

Cloud Migration: Not Just for IT

Enough is Enough

CorVel’s PeopleSoft ownership is driven by its accounting department, which is responsible for financial reporting, month-end close, consolidations, and other accounting functions. In addition, the PeopleSoft updates, development efforts, nVision reporting, and end-user security maintenance are also owned by the accounting department. The infrastructure for PeopleSoft applications was maintained by IT across three data centers: Fort Worth, Texas, Hillsboro, Oregon, and Las Vegas, Nevada. With the cost of a large team, travel, and three data center footprints filled with hardware that always seemed to be outdated before it fully depreciated, costs were hitting the bottom line hard.

In 2017, a poorly managed update to PeopleSoft 9.2 resulted in major performance issues. There were system failures multiple times a week; things that should have taken seconds were taking minutes if not hours. And then in 2019, a security incident: when an outside party attempted to access critical data, CorVel was forced to shut down all systems on their infrastructure, escalating into a major problem for accounting while in the middle of an audit.

Which Cloud?

Ann Bushnell, the Business Systems Manager, knew it was time for a change. Her team needed agility, scale, and security. It was time to migrate to the cloud. An ERP rip-and-replace had been evaluated and dismissed several years prior, citing the cost and business impact of transition. Working with their PeopleSoft managed services provider, ERPA, Bushnell sought guidance on a solution that would meet their business requirements and eliminate risk without disruption to the business.

As a Microsoft organization, the obvious choice seemed to be Microsoft Azure. But as ERPA and Bushnell examined CorVel’s needs and weighed them against offerings by Azure and AWS, the choice became clear: AWS offered scalability, performance, flexibility, and security – and ERPA’s experience and proprietary technology (specifically ActiveGenie for AWS) offered risk mitigation and a seamless transition, making a move to AWS a sure winner.

Partnership Across Silos

CorVels Business and IT leaders agreed that improving customer experience was a priority, but getting organizational buy-in was not easy. IT had concerns that had to be discussed, scoped, and included in the roadmap. But once ERPA addressed all concerns and agreed upon a final solution, the cloud migration itself was complete in less than 8 weeks. Much of that agility was derived from ERPA’s ActiveGenie which was crucial in automating the installation and deployment of PeopleSoft to AWS cloud resulting in a seamless end-user experience with greatly enhanced flexibility, scalability, and security – and at the same time, contributing positively to CorVel’s financials.

“AWS was the clear choice, and ERPA’s ActiveGenie was part of that decision.”

Ann Bushnell Business Systems Manager, CorVel Corporation

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