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PeopleSoft Cloud Migration

PeopleSoft on AWS

PeopleSoft is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, driving critical business functions for many organizations. Moving to a SaaS model may not be right for your company at this time, but the hallmarks of modernization – speed, agility, and reliability – are still available to PeopleSoft customers by migrating their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Unsure whether cloud migration is right for you? There are a few fundamental reasons why cloud migration is a perfect next step for on-premise PeopleSoft customers:

  • Scale. No need to buy and maintain enough infrastructure for the busiest times. Instead, hosting PeopleSoft on the cloud allows you to scale up when needed and scale down when not, offering unparalleled flexibility and cost savings.
  • Workforce. Times are changing; as we emerge from COVID-enforced lockdowns, employees are less and less enthusiastic about returning to full-time, on-site work. Many are quitting those jobs in favor of flexible, remote working positions. Migrating to the cloud eases your workforce burdens by opening your prospective employee pool to the most talented and qualified, not just those nearby and willing to clock in from 9-5 on-site.
  • Reliability. Some PeopleSoft customers are already using a third-party data center in a hybrid cloud/on-premise model, but many are experiencing challenges in reliability and customer service. AWS is the industry leader in cloud hosting, offering high availability, reliability and performance.

If one or more of the above challenges are resonating with you, we offer an assessment that will help define the roadmap to cloud for your PeopleSoft applications.

ERPA has been in the PeopleSoft business for twenty years. We know how critical PeopleSoft is to your business functions, and we’re committed to helping organizations of all size and industries maintain and optimize their PeopleSoft applications. We understand not just the logistics but also the nuances of migrating PeopleSoft to AWS, and pride ourselves on providing white glove service. Please fill out the form below if you’d like to speak with someone about migrating your PeopleSoft applications to AWS.

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