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Position Budget Workbench

Position Budget Workbench, a proprietary ERPA product

The period immediately following your go live on Workday is one fraught with unexpected emergencies and challenges. All the gaps are now clear but meanwhile your regular business requirements of HCM, Finance, and Payroll, Absence, and Time Tracking (PATT) administration must be managed on this new platform – it can feel like a bit like trying to put out a fire while flying the plane you just built.

Reduce misinformation and errors that can impact your General Ledger by utilizing a Position Budgeting Workbench. Built especially for organizations within the education and funds space, this single source of truth provides a view for all activities relating to fund accounting.

  • HCM managers can use it to request new positions.
  • Budget managers can use it to create and monitor position budgets for headcounts.
  • Finance managers can monitor budgets and actuals and finalize payroll posting in preparation of financial statements.
  • PATT managers can monitor payroll runs.

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