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LEAP (Learn Empower Adapt Prime)

Knowledge transfer is critical to the success of your Workday investment; ERPA offers “bootcamp” Workday webinars that cover a range of topics, designed to bring your team up to speed with reduced cost and bandwidth burdens.

LEAP (Learn Empower Adapt Prime)

Knowledge transfer is tricky – whether it’s turnover, transitions, or just time, one day you may look around your team and realize there are functional knowledge gaps. Addressing these gaps by adding a full time employee (or employees), their certifications, and then the time to ramp up is a challenge to any company, especially ones already facing staffing crunches and constraints on their team’s already tapped bandwidth.

This can be especially true and problematic during your stabilization period immediately following go live.

LEAP provides the tools and navigation to help get you started on Workday. These pre-recorded training webinars cover common tasks and troubleshooting topics across a variety of functional areas to bring your team up to speed quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. There are courses in Benefits, HCM, Learning, and Talent, and our catalogue is regularly updated.

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