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The Challenge: Lack of expertise and support for critical PeopleSoft applications, challenges meeting compliance and upgrade requirements.

The Solution: Provide ongoing Managed services featuring a scalable team of PeopleSoft experts, with service provided 24/7, always on-time and on-budget.

The Outcome: Increased innovation, reduced expenses, increased operational efficiency.

Exemplary Managed Services for PeopleSoft Applications

Is there significant ROI in outsourcing PeopleSoft Managed services to specialists? For two Florida-based colleges, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.”

When both Daytona State College (DSC) and Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) implemented PeopleSoft around 2014, they faced similar challenges: they weren’t PeopleSoft experts, yet they didn’t necessarily have the resources to field these niche skills in- house. The solution was to partner with ERPA, a Market leader in PeopleSoft Managed services and Managed hosting.

In Need of a Trustworthy Partner

When both DSC and FSCJ first connected with ERPA, they were transitioning out of previous vendor relationships. They both needed reliable, around-the-clock support for their applications and weren’t getting the kind of communication or PeopleSoft expertise they needed from their existing vendors.

Aside from finding a long-term partner with deep expertise, these educational institutions also wanted to:

  • Improve availability and reliability of IT apps
  • Improve service levels and end-user customer satisfaction applications
  • Focus on strategic and core initiatives and mission reduce operational costs and keep these predictable
  • Keep current with updates and versions, while adopting new features and functionality
  • Comply with regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Address fluctuating business and IT demand
  • Fill IT resources gap

They both needed to find a partner with PeopleSoft expertise that would help them meet these goals. ERPA, with its 20-plus year history with PeopleSoft and deep expertise in the higher education space, fit the bill.

ERPA Drives Long-Term Success

More time to dedicate to innovation

“Having ERPA Manage our PeopleSoft environment allows us to focus on aligning our pap’s and services with the mission of the college and needs of our users,” explains Marek Juracek, Director of Software Development and PeopleSoft Support at DSC. “The time we don’t have to spend on Maintaining PeopleSoft environments, we can instead spend on researching new PeopleSoft features and enhancements, and ways to improve our efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.”

Greater ability to stay up-to-date

Every ERP system requires regular Maintenance, and PeopleSoft is no exception. By relying on the vendor to keep their applications current, both organizations can stay ahead of regulatory and statutory requirements. “Having the ERPA team behind us to support constant PeopleSoft upgrades is critical,” states Juracek.

Cost savings

While both organizations relied heavily on PeopleSoft, neither had the budget to increase staff to the level they would need to support the system. By working with ERPA, they have access to the expertise they need while also realizing cost savings. “Now, we know what our expenditures are going to be and we can budget for that ahead of time,” states Chris Martin, Executive Director of Enterprise Applications at FSCJ.

Beyond the savings realized by not having to hire and train an in-house team Of PeopleSoft specialists, both organizations were happy with ERPA’s contract structure. While there were some months when the colleges relied more heavily on ERPA, there were others in which they barely needed anything — and ERPA was very flexible to these shifting needs. “ERPA recognizes that it balances out, cost-wise, in the end, which is really helpful to us,” states Juracek.

Power to scale staff up (and down) instantaneously

One of the greatest benefits of working with ERPA is how it allows these organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to urgent IT requests. Supporting PeopleSoft requires a variety of different skill sets — from PeopleSoft administrators and developers to database administrators and business analysts. When one of the colleges’ needs or priorities change, ERPA is there with exactly the right team members to help them accomplish their projects.

“We had one situation where we had a payroll issue that coincided with a failure of our student payment application. We needed a lot of hands on deck, and we got that with ERPA,” says Juracek. Both colleges experience situations where they run into issues during peak periods (like student registration) during which ERPA helps them set up additional servers and ensures everything is running smoothly.

A Truly Collaborative Relationship

From the beginning of their engagements with ERPA, both colleges noticed significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings — but perhaps the focal point of their satisfaction with ERPA is in the organization’s communication and responsiveness to time-sensitive issues.

“The complex PeopleSoft infrastructure and application stacks mean that ERPA’s in-depth knowledge has been critical to us when we run into new and complex technical issues,” states Juracek. “It’s especially important when we face production or upgrade issues where adjusting project timelines isn’t an option.”

Marek Juracek
Director of Software Development and PeopleSoft Support Daytona State College

We have regular quarterly meetings with ERPA, which helps us keep the line of communication open. We feel like the ERPA team is sitting right next door to us…while other vendors’ lack of communication can be frustrating, ERPA’s communication is great.

Chris Martin
Executive Director of Enterprise Applications Florida State College at Jacksonville
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